Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Unpaid Dakshina

If in case you go to Attukal temple, you might be able to hear his voice in the morning . He might still be reading the devi puranam or ramayanam (during the month of karkitakam) in the early morning.

About him: He is old; in fact he is the one person who touched my heart in all ways though he is no blood relation to me. I met him during my school days when I used to be so regular in the temple visits. I was one of the most (well most is not enough :-) ) disciplined visitor to the temple at the time of aarthy (archana) in the evening.

Truly, I can’t recollect how I met him. I might have met him in the temple. However, I got close to him, maybe I got pulled towards his voice?

He is a person who captured hearts through his voice and music. His bhajans made me merge to the tones and notes of it. Through his voice, he touched many hearts. His name is Bhaskaran Nair.

He was married and unfortunately his wife passed away few years back. But, he had no children of his own. For me he was so different.

In life we meet people who touches our inner heart and whom we feel close?

I am not still sure why he gifted me books / music or rather invited me to the bhajan sessions. I still remember my school / college days when I used to join the early morning 5 AM sessions at the temple.

May be I was the most youngest guy among the group of people who used to sing there in the early morning. Still, I did join them for reasons unknown to me.

I was so fond of classical music and I wanted to learn it. After my pre-degree (+2) class, I requested him to teach me the classical music .. sa ri ga ma pa dha ni sa… Still I remember the classes the took for me. He never took the money in return. He is my music guru.

Music is something which touches our heart
And so did my music guru,
A guru whom I am no way related
A guru who came to me from no where
And who touched many lives through his voice
I cant ever pay back ; not even think of paying back
I am honoured;
Honoured and thankful for letting me meet such a life on earth
I know my life is short,
Still the moments with him I treasure
He is one among the gems of life I met
The value is still invaluable

There are things on earth which we cant pay back
We just need to humbly accept their touch in our lives
Those lives having a magic
A magic which bring light to our lives.

I know he is never going to read this post.
Neither he might know english.
Still, I cant resist his memories, whose dakshina remains unpaid.


Unni said...

"In our life some thing will always be unpaid" I think that is life

Vaish said...

For sometime, I got confused, thinking that I was in my blog :) Same pinch..same theme (did you copy the theme from me??? arghhh...just kidding :))
But different thoughts and expressions :)
Hey never knew you are fold of Classical music! I love them too! A real guru doesn't expect dhakshina when he gets a true disciple.
I owe a lot to my Perima, my Guru, for planing good music and instrument skills into me! She teaches me with so much of devotion, and all that I've done is nothing! They are left best unpaid!

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