Sunday, October 03, 2010

I Forgive Myself

It eases the pain and soothes the heart. When we choose to forgive, it allows us to live in the present and the future instead of the past.

The past is gone and is not in our control. It is like a dream that just happened along with us; with we playing a role in it.

Forgiving necessarily doesn’t mean resuming the relationship with whoever has hurt you. We need to ‘forgive for good’, simply to make our life less stressful.

During our course of life, due to various reasons, some people won’t meet us in halfway or might be rude with us. One of my professors, once said to me, ‘the best way to respect such a person is to ignore them’ 

Honestly, I am still trying to forgive people who hurt me. The bruises made by them in my heart are yet to heal. I sometimes feel numb thinking about it.

It might not be always about who was ‘right’.  I try reminding myself to forgive the words uttered to me. When emotions creep into our brain, and when we are in deep agony, words just come out us. It is then, when we think less and talk (react) more.

The words which comes out to us with full emotion go deeper in our heart. As our elders say, ‘there is nothing which time cant heal.’

We may be hurt by something that our partner did or may be because our expectations were unmet. At times we won’t even remember why we got hurt.

We may have done something to someone that we are sorry for.

I am sorry for many things I did in my life time as of date. When I look back, I can’t control the past neither do I have a chance to correct it.

Nevertheless, we remember the pain and carries it with us everywhere we go. When pain becomes severe, the weight of it pulls us down. We feel weak and it consumes us and our life. It even creates a wall between us and our intimacy within us.

When we forgive, we feel relieved of the burden of the past. We shed away our hurt, pain, anger and loneliness. We begin to heal – that is the first step. I am personally trying to take my first step towards the healing process.

When we forgive ourselves (or any other person) , we get the freedom to live in peace and gets a fresh start to change things for better.

"Forgetting is not forgiveness"

"The damage and wounds in our heart might take some time to get adjusted/ adapted/ healed."

"The responsibility for the behavior still remains - though forgiven. We simply might not hold us (or other person) in debt."

I try to forgive myself
For all the sins I have ever made on earth
I try to forgive all the others
For all the wounds and bruises made on my heart.
Let us all know better and do better
By trying to do the very best with what we have been given.

PS: I forgive myself and let so be others! 

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