Friday, November 26, 2010

A Random Hello

Yesterday, I got the following message in my facebook, which I felt as something interesting.  (The below given message is as is and not edited.)

Yes, as you've guessed don't know me and I don't know you (what a way to expand on 'we don't know each other') :-). I'm having a really weird day today and I thought I will talk to random people on facebook to find solace. Very irrational...I know. I don't have a very scientific mind but I can see that you have some kind of affiliation with IISC...what do you/did you do there?

I am very sorry if this is completely unnecessary interruptions...excuse it in that case. :-)

Warm Regards,

Come on, how many of us even think of saying a random hello to a person whom we never met, never talked to, never thought about and in fact who is never going to affect our life?? And still spending some time in understanding a quick background before saying hi?

Few facts about X (let us call the person as X for time being)

  1. X’s Profile: Friends list of 560+, which makes it obvious that the friends list might be directly proportional to the number of random invites send to people :-)
  2. According to X, it is not awkward to say random hello since the world is growing increasingly smaller and X likes cozy things
  3. Of all the people X randomly said hello, almost everyone responded! -  So the chance of getting a response is very POSITIVE
  4. X wanted something authentically random to say hello - X spends time in collecting a brief background about the other person to start the conversation (with a topic related to the other person).
  5. In addition to the above point, background check (visible in the internet) would help deciding whether X want to get to know the person or not: X don’t want to end up in situations where X got to know a person who is not interesting to X!
  6. In X's own words, 'I apologise (but only superficially...because you are signed on to a social networking site so its not exactly criminal to want to get to know you)' - So it is not criminal to contact a stranger in the networking site!
  7. To sum up X says, ‘Try random hellos, they are fun’.

The inspiration behind this post is X and yes, let the Random hello’s flow..

Let people get to know more people, whom they want to be in touch with! 

Life is interesting, no doubt!

PS: If in case X is interested in revealing the name, I will surely post it here. Who knows, X might also start getting the random hellos :-)

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