Friday, December 31, 2010

3 Points on the Last day

The clock is ticking as usual and we are entering the last day of the year 2010.

I have always been an illusionist. This year, I went beyond the control of my mind and crossed the limits of extremes. Well, don't get confused, I will explain in brief.

I am getting an intuitive feeling that I should list the top three of mistakes of year 2010 so that none should repeat it? Well honestly, it is more of sharing the mistakes?

1. I trusted what I others told me – Beware, don’t believe what others tell you. Listen to it, but don’t absorb. People can change their face momentarily; they might be using their masks. We will never know their intentions?? Their real intentions.

Things might turn around the table and you would end up in some weird situations. You might even get accused for things which you were not even aware of. Sometimes curses come to you for reasons not known to you.

Of course yes, there would be saviors out there who might give you a helping hand to get you out of it. Still it is painful, really painful to undergo such situations.

I don’t mean to say that we shouldn’t trust others. It is just that we need to be careful.

2. Take good care of health – Trust me the statement ‘health is wealth’ is so true. We won’t realize it unless we get ill. I myself as well as people close to me went through a lot of health issues this year. 

For the first time in my life I got admitted to hospital. I have undergone incidents where I got my full body anesthesia and got into state of deep unconsciousness. Unless we undergo the health issues, we won’t realize how healthy and blessed we are during our normal life.

Basically, it is always better to meet the doctor, take medicines at time and get back to normal shape when we are ill. It will not only saves us but also it will make others close to us happy.

Life is all about health. 

3. Ensure you get close to people who are of your league. - I got close to people whom I felt as right ones.

Everyone can go wrong and so me. I went close to people who were different than I thought.

So it is always better to take more time, be patient and then get close. I have always been very impulsive. May be I might become more matured in due course of life. In fact I wish, I would become like that :-)

Take time to know the other person, be patient - yes yes, I could never been like that, still I wish, I really wish, I could be more patient :-)

This year gifted me a lot of painful moments. Of course yes, I had some nice moments as well.  Still, I could survive the dark age due to light brought by others around me.

There will be someone to save us and there will always be as long as we have a spark inside us.

All we need to do is to spread happiness, part our soul and spread it around. Souls of our nature will definitely come towards us, offer us hands to get together, gift us with memorable moments.

End of the day, life is all about these moments right?
Moments of happiness!

So believe in yourself and start your walk. 
Walk towards the new year

May you have your new hopes & new destinations
May new souls come towards you
May old souls be close to you
May this new year bring the best out of you
May you meet new best & loved ones

Who will share, motivate, inspire you
Who will help you realise what you really are

Let us join together  & welcome the New Year!
I am sure this new year is going to be different
Different from all the new years we had!!

PS:  I acknowledge all the souls who gave me hand to cross this year 2010! I am indebted to you all! I submit my life to you all!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stressed out?

There are many times in life when we feel that we are done! You know, really like done with this stuff! May be even with this life!

We might think why did we get into this?

We will wish, really wish we shouldn’t have got into such situations in life.

Nevertheless life is never as we planned it to be or what we expected it to be.

So as one of my old friends told me, ’why don’t we embrace and enjoy the stressful moments? ’. I know, I am sounding awkward here. Still, don't you think it is all about how we see it? Let us just ask ourselves ‘Is it possible to think in a different way?

A story comes to my mind which was shared by Ajit, couple of years back.

There was a lady whose mother was at the hospital. She used to leave office early during lunch hours to get lunch for her mother. Since she was the only child, it was all her responsibility to check and ensure that her mom was in good shape and getting better day by day.

During initial days everything was fine, she was able to manage her office works while helping her mom at the hospital. However, after a period of time, she started feeling bad, she felt irritated at times, and even started asking ‘Why do I need to do all these things? Why is it happening to me?

One day while leaving to hospital she told her colleague, ‘See I need to go and meet my mom, huh…. What to do it has become my duty and I need to finish it

‘You know, you should say, you get to meet your mom’, said her colleague.

'why did you say I get to meet my mom’, she asked

You won’t believe, my mom passed away few weeks back and  I really wish I could get one more chance to meet her’, was the response.

So coming back, maybe we are given a chance to get stressed out and may be it might be one of the best times that we might be having in our life when we look back.

You won’t believe, at these stressful moments we are not realizing that we are given a chance.

All we might need to do is to tell ourselves this - ‘this is a chance where I get to do things, which might not come again? And let me try my best to overcome’.

What you say? Is it not a better way?

PS: When I used to say  'I am forced to do and I don't have a choice' (trust me, completely irritated), Ajit used to correct me - He reminded me to tell myself - 'I get to do' - and not 'I am forced to do'. Thanks to Ajit, I still remember those words.

Friday, December 24, 2010

She & Herself

She wants to be away
Away from me, away from him
Away from everyone

She felt helpless
She wanted energy
So she went alone
Alone into her world

She closed the doors & windows
She shut herself in darkness
To gain the strength
For, she wanted to be herself
She wanted to shout
She wanted to announce
She wanted to take off her veil
Still, inside her she had a wish
A wish that she will have him
He who can understand her
Who could see all her facets?
For she had two sides
Both the dark and bright one
Both residing within her
All praised the bright one
Yet, none saw her dark side
She wanted to merge
Merge both the sides
So she can be real
She struggled
She suffered 
She absorbed the pain
Without letting anyone know
Covering her true self
Not just from me or him
But from everyone
She put her nice smile
And everyone thinks she is happy!
Don’t you know she is not?
Don’t you know she is longing?
Don’t you know she is not just her?
Let her phase of transcendence begin
Let us all wait for her in silence
While she is shedding off her old skin
Getting ready for her reincarnation
Time will then arrive
When New Year brings in the light
The light will open her closed doors
And show us her new avatar!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Smoke, a story of dust

The dust came by for a talk
I invited him and we started

‘Where is smoke?’ Dust asked
I said, ‘I don’t know’
Then dust began his talk
A talk where I was a listener
A listener of dust's story

‘I need a shape and so I need smoke’ dust started
Smoke brings me life
Smoke gives me shape
Smokes adds my beauty

Where is she?
I need her now

For smoke is my soul
She covers me
She floats all over me
She excites me with her tricks

She makes me feel she is mine
Though I know she is not mine

I enjoy her tricks
For she knows how to play
She amuse me with her games
She even makes me dance

When breeze added more steps to the dance
She told me to follow her legs
I followed her with no questions asked

Dancing made her happy
May be she is happy; to see me happy
I need her now
For she knows me
Though from distance
Though not completely

If you see her, can you tell?

Tell her, I was in search,
Search for my soul
Soul belonging to her
Which is not mine

Where is smoke?
Did you see her?

I need her back
Back at least for a moment
 For she has my life
She will bring my soul

Smoke, where are you?
Can you come back for a moment?
A moment at least?

And then may the wind come
And may the wind wash me away
Away with you and me
Where we both vanish?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sleepless Moments

All I think is about her
She came as a stranger
She made me feel familiar
She did her magic
And she stole my calmness

I won’t blame her
May be, I long for her
May be she is an angel
May be she will later turn to a witch

I know her only through her words
Neither did I hear, nor did I meet

Feelings for her creep inside me
It attained the strength, 
A severe strength to wake me up

Finally, it succeeded
And I failed

I am not sad; though I failed
It’s after all thoughts of her
May be it is not just thoughts
May be it is she by herself

May be she came invisible
Just to wake me up
From the bed I chose to sleep

Now I am awake
I know she needs someone
Someone to protect her
She knows how to hide
Hide things from everyone

Here now I am
Awake from deep sleep
Just to let her know
That I am there for her
To protect her
As long as I can
And to let her sleep
As long as she can..

So that I too can sleep again!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Becoming a victim

Ravi looked at the clock hanging on the wall facing his couch, feeling so lonely & bored. It was 11:30 AM and he was just done with his breakfast. 'Oh, one routine activity of having food is over', he thought. 

The old school notice was lying on his table - ‘Invitation for Inauguration Ceremony’. He knew, he was invited. 'Should I be going for this event ?', he asked himself. He felt haunted by thoughts of her.

While sitting in the couch and embracing new spirits gifted by cool breeze, he watched her. She was walking hastily towards the other side. Today is something different and he felt it as well. The light had its natural way of reaching the room bypassing the window curtain.

‘May be the sun is brighter early today? Or May be I am not being completely here in this planet?’, he did his usual self lame talk.

'Well, maybe I should go pick her up and meet? Or maybe I shouldn't?', it appeared as a tough decision for him to make.

It was yesterday when he met her. She said, 'you are a stranger to me, though familiar'. For him she was a stranger and she still is. Nevertheless, she stood out from the others whom he met.

'Well, everyone is unique in their own ways, and it is all up to us on how we interpret it? Or is it that she is someone really different?'

He always thought too much. May be those extra thoughts bought him a different glow inside, a kind of self-satisfaction? 

He felt, he needed to know more about her, to explore and understand what she is, what kind of person she is, what kind of thought process she had? Well it was a very long list.

He wanted to ask her in detail, though he himself was not clear about what he needs or what he expected.

Finally when he started asking her, she concluded the discussion saying, ‘when you dig deeper chances of you falling in are high!’. He got confused and asked her again what she meant.

She told, ‘oh I was thinking I was talking to someone else?, sorry it was not meant for you!’

May be she was talking to someone else or May be she was not, but words of ‘falling in’ kept him occupied.

A moment of pause, and then she said, ‘it’s ok; but you too could become a victim, a part of already long list. Now, I need to leave, you take care.'

He woke up from the thoughts of yesterday and decided to get ready for the inauguration.

'After all, I should attend the function. May be, I should try to meet her again.', he said to himself.

PS: I dedicate this story to the motivator.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Being Simple

"The answer is simple" – Simple is always more effective a response than, "well, it's complicated.", Seth godin said in his blog. Don’t you feel it is so true?

We always complicate things. May be there is something innate in us which makes us pursue the complex things and solve?

Well as someone said, ‘it is not the kill’- but the thrill of search and finding it? Is it mostly on how capable we are in showing off to others either by solving the complex things or by creating complex things?

  • Solving the problem: When we find solutions to the complicated things we get better by other appreciating us- just because we did something which most of the others are unable to do.
  • Creating Complexity: It may be just to get attention, we complicate things. We just confuse people so that they just listen to what we say. The sole objective is to bring in the curiosity in others so that they will try to figure out what we are saying or trying to convey.
We genuinely feel better when we do either of the above. However, learning how to complicate things and then unwinding it to a simple thing and letting others realize how simple it was is not an easy task.

Let me not complicate things, at least not in this post.

To put it in simple words, simple things are something which is called as ‘common sense’.

The beauty of common sense is, it is not so common. And why? Because this common sense concept is in a way complex if we go deeper.

Still, it appears simple. That is the beauty of being simple; yet complex enough not to let anyone else realize how complicated it is.

As Seth said in his post, ‘You can't sell complicated to someone who came to you to buy simple.’

Nevertheless there are people out there who get happy solving complicated things. May be it is just fun for them.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Let us listen to a chat conversation to start with.

Guy: ‘Is there anyone there? Or Am I just sending messages to nowhere?’
Gal: ‘haha, hey here’
Guy: ‘Oh so you are alive and I believe you are not some ghost ? I have been sending hi hello for a couple of days and no response from the other end. ‘

Gal: ‘oh, i'm extremely sorry my pc  has kind of been lying open while i have been drifting about much like a ghost, i must admit how are you?’
Guy: ‘well senorita.. going on .. missing the wonderful chat sessions with you..’
Gal: ‘ah yes, those do go very well. i miss those too :-) senor’
Guy: ‘well u know what today is a different version of me and i am not feeling that good about interrupting your busy schedule. May be i should say bye and let u do what u want to do’
Gal: ‘wow, you don't seem to get me. That bothers me...because I’m trying to get u to get me. ok, let me try once again, let's go for a memory jog.  i said "i do whatever i feel like" so now rewind the past few days...i was unresponsive why? - Basically because i felt like it. Today i am responsive - why? Basically...because i feel like it hence if you feel like it and there is a mutual feeling like it then let's continue talking’

In fact, I was like ‘wow’ when I read the gal's last statement.

Well, this is where the ignoring part comes. I am just giving a lame try to jot down how the situations might arise.
  • One person would like to keep in touch while the other person wants to be in touch only when he/she needs.
  • One is obsessed with the thoughts of other person, however the other person is not really into it- and doesn’t even realize the feelings
  • Words like ‘sorry’, ‘apologies’ keep coming after they do things which they are not supposed to do? – And we need to ignore the other person?
  • Basically it is all about how to keep people away whom you don’t wish to be around. Or it can also be how to keep people around by keeping them at a distance by ignoring them?
Well truly we need to be ourselves. I know it is hard, still we need to give at least a try.

If ignoring brings happiness or rather peace of mind, why not do it?

After all, Happiness is the moral purpose of life – Don’t you feel so?

PS: Thanks to the inspiration.

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