Friday, December 31, 2010

3 Points on the Last day

The clock is ticking as usual and we are entering the last day of the year 2010.

I have always been an illusionist. This year, I went beyond the control of my mind and crossed the limits of extremes. Well, don't get confused, I will explain in brief.

I am getting an intuitive feeling that I should list the top three of mistakes of year 2010 so that none should repeat it? Well honestly, it is more of sharing the mistakes?

1. I trusted what I others told me – Beware, don’t believe what others tell you. Listen to it, but don’t absorb. People can change their face momentarily; they might be using their masks. We will never know their intentions?? Their real intentions.

Things might turn around the table and you would end up in some weird situations. You might even get accused for things which you were not even aware of. Sometimes curses come to you for reasons not known to you.

Of course yes, there would be saviors out there who might give you a helping hand to get you out of it. Still it is painful, really painful to undergo such situations.

I don’t mean to say that we shouldn’t trust others. It is just that we need to be careful.

2. Take good care of health – Trust me the statement ‘health is wealth’ is so true. We won’t realize it unless we get ill. I myself as well as people close to me went through a lot of health issues this year. 

For the first time in my life I got admitted to hospital. I have undergone incidents where I got my full body anesthesia and got into state of deep unconsciousness. Unless we undergo the health issues, we won’t realize how healthy and blessed we are during our normal life.

Basically, it is always better to meet the doctor, take medicines at time and get back to normal shape when we are ill. It will not only saves us but also it will make others close to us happy.

Life is all about health. 

3. Ensure you get close to people who are of your league. - I got close to people whom I felt as right ones.

Everyone can go wrong and so me. I went close to people who were different than I thought.

So it is always better to take more time, be patient and then get close. I have always been very impulsive. May be I might become more matured in due course of life. In fact I wish, I would become like that :-)

Take time to know the other person, be patient - yes yes, I could never been like that, still I wish, I really wish, I could be more patient :-)

This year gifted me a lot of painful moments. Of course yes, I had some nice moments as well.  Still, I could survive the dark age due to light brought by others around me.

There will be someone to save us and there will always be as long as we have a spark inside us.

All we need to do is to spread happiness, part our soul and spread it around. Souls of our nature will definitely come towards us, offer us hands to get together, gift us with memorable moments.

End of the day, life is all about these moments right?
Moments of happiness!

So believe in yourself and start your walk. 
Walk towards the new year

May you have your new hopes & new destinations
May new souls come towards you
May old souls be close to you
May this new year bring the best out of you
May you meet new best & loved ones

Who will share, motivate, inspire you
Who will help you realise what you really are

Let us join together  & welcome the New Year!
I am sure this new year is going to be different
Different from all the new years we had!!

PS:  I acknowledge all the souls who gave me hand to cross this year 2010! I am indebted to you all! I submit my life to you all!

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