Thursday, December 16, 2010

Becoming a victim

Ravi looked at the clock hanging on the wall facing his couch, feeling so lonely & bored. It was 11:30 AM and he was just done with his breakfast. 'Oh, one routine activity of having food is over', he thought. 

The old school notice was lying on his table - ‘Invitation for Inauguration Ceremony’. He knew, he was invited. 'Should I be going for this event ?', he asked himself. He felt haunted by thoughts of her.

While sitting in the couch and embracing new spirits gifted by cool breeze, he watched her. She was walking hastily towards the other side. Today is something different and he felt it as well. The light had its natural way of reaching the room bypassing the window curtain.

‘May be the sun is brighter early today? Or May be I am not being completely here in this planet?’, he did his usual self lame talk.

'Well, maybe I should go pick her up and meet? Or maybe I shouldn't?', it appeared as a tough decision for him to make.

It was yesterday when he met her. She said, 'you are a stranger to me, though familiar'. For him she was a stranger and she still is. Nevertheless, she stood out from the others whom he met.

'Well, everyone is unique in their own ways, and it is all up to us on how we interpret it? Or is it that she is someone really different?'

He always thought too much. May be those extra thoughts bought him a different glow inside, a kind of self-satisfaction? 

He felt, he needed to know more about her, to explore and understand what she is, what kind of person she is, what kind of thought process she had? Well it was a very long list.

He wanted to ask her in detail, though he himself was not clear about what he needs or what he expected.

Finally when he started asking her, she concluded the discussion saying, ‘when you dig deeper chances of you falling in are high!’. He got confused and asked her again what she meant.

She told, ‘oh I was thinking I was talking to someone else?, sorry it was not meant for you!’

May be she was talking to someone else or May be she was not, but words of ‘falling in’ kept him occupied.

A moment of pause, and then she said, ‘it’s ok; but you too could become a victim, a part of already long list. Now, I need to leave, you take care.'

He woke up from the thoughts of yesterday and decided to get ready for the inauguration.

'After all, I should attend the function. May be, I should try to meet her again.', he said to himself.

PS: I dedicate this story to the motivator.


saya said...

Wow very nicely put up...

I guess it always happens with most of the girls..Even tho they don't tend to hurt but it just happens :)

And yeah the list always goes on never ending :)

bharat chandran said...

Thanks Saya.. :-)...

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