Sunday, December 12, 2010

Being Simple

"The answer is simple" – Simple is always more effective a response than, "well, it's complicated.", Seth godin said in his blog. Don’t you feel it is so true?

We always complicate things. May be there is something innate in us which makes us pursue the complex things and solve?

Well as someone said, ‘it is not the kill’- but the thrill of search and finding it? Is it mostly on how capable we are in showing off to others either by solving the complex things or by creating complex things?

  • Solving the problem: When we find solutions to the complicated things we get better by other appreciating us- just because we did something which most of the others are unable to do.
  • Creating Complexity: It may be just to get attention, we complicate things. We just confuse people so that they just listen to what we say. The sole objective is to bring in the curiosity in others so that they will try to figure out what we are saying or trying to convey.
We genuinely feel better when we do either of the above. However, learning how to complicate things and then unwinding it to a simple thing and letting others realize how simple it was is not an easy task.

Let me not complicate things, at least not in this post.

To put it in simple words, simple things are something which is called as ‘common sense’.

The beauty of common sense is, it is not so common. And why? Because this common sense concept is in a way complex if we go deeper.

Still, it appears simple. That is the beauty of being simple; yet complex enough not to let anyone else realize how complicated it is.

As Seth said in his post, ‘You can't sell complicated to someone who came to you to buy simple.’

Nevertheless there are people out there who get happy solving complicated things. May be it is just fun for them.


Jessica Bell said...

Nothing is complicated if you don't want it to be :o)

bharat chandran said...

Thanks Jessica.. Yes, sometimes things naturally becomes complicated.. without we even realising it :-)

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