Friday, December 10, 2010


Let us listen to a chat conversation to start with.

Guy: ‘Is there anyone there? Or Am I just sending messages to nowhere?’
Gal: ‘haha, hey here’
Guy: ‘Oh so you are alive and I believe you are not some ghost ? I have been sending hi hello for a couple of days and no response from the other end. ‘

Gal: ‘oh, i'm extremely sorry my pc  has kind of been lying open while i have been drifting about much like a ghost, i must admit how are you?’
Guy: ‘well senorita.. going on .. missing the wonderful chat sessions with you..’
Gal: ‘ah yes, those do go very well. i miss those too :-) senor’
Guy: ‘well u know what today is a different version of me and i am not feeling that good about interrupting your busy schedule. May be i should say bye and let u do what u want to do’
Gal: ‘wow, you don't seem to get me. That bothers me...because I’m trying to get u to get me. ok, let me try once again, let's go for a memory jog.  i said "i do whatever i feel like" so now rewind the past few days...i was unresponsive why? - Basically because i felt like it. Today i am responsive - why? Basically...because i feel like it hence if you feel like it and there is a mutual feeling like it then let's continue talking’

In fact, I was like ‘wow’ when I read the gal's last statement.

Well, this is where the ignoring part comes. I am just giving a lame try to jot down how the situations might arise.
  • One person would like to keep in touch while the other person wants to be in touch only when he/she needs.
  • One is obsessed with the thoughts of other person, however the other person is not really into it- and doesn’t even realize the feelings
  • Words like ‘sorry’, ‘apologies’ keep coming after they do things which they are not supposed to do? – And we need to ignore the other person?
  • Basically it is all about how to keep people away whom you don’t wish to be around. Or it can also be how to keep people around by keeping them at a distance by ignoring them?
Well truly we need to be ourselves. I know it is hard, still we need to give at least a try.

If ignoring brings happiness or rather peace of mind, why not do it?

After all, Happiness is the moral purpose of life – Don’t you feel so?

PS: Thanks to the inspiration.

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