Friday, December 24, 2010

She & Herself

She wants to be away
Away from me, away from him
Away from everyone

She felt helpless
She wanted energy
So she went alone
Alone into her world

She closed the doors & windows
She shut herself in darkness
To gain the strength
For, she wanted to be herself
She wanted to shout
She wanted to announce
She wanted to take off her veil
Still, inside her she had a wish
A wish that she will have him
He who can understand her
Who could see all her facets?
For she had two sides
Both the dark and bright one
Both residing within her
All praised the bright one
Yet, none saw her dark side
She wanted to merge
Merge both the sides
So she can be real
She struggled
She suffered 
She absorbed the pain
Without letting anyone know
Covering her true self
Not just from me or him
But from everyone
She put her nice smile
And everyone thinks she is happy!
Don’t you know she is not?
Don’t you know she is longing?
Don’t you know she is not just her?
Let her phase of transcendence begin
Let us all wait for her in silence
While she is shedding off her old skin
Getting ready for her reincarnation
Time will then arrive
When New Year brings in the light
The light will open her closed doors
And show us her new avatar!


saya said...

Very nicely expressed the feeling of a women who wants to be herself :)

In this line:"And everyone things she is happy!"..

I think so Its 'thinks' instead of 'things'...

bharat chandran said...

Saya, Thank you :-).. 'Things' changed to 'thinks'

Anonymous said...

incredible bharat...!!!..poem expresses the real ME...

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