Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sleepless Moments

All I think is about her
She came as a stranger
She made me feel familiar
She did her magic
And she stole my calmness

I won’t blame her
May be, I long for her
May be she is an angel
May be she will later turn to a witch

I know her only through her words
Neither did I hear, nor did I meet

Feelings for her creep inside me
It attained the strength, 
A severe strength to wake me up

Finally, it succeeded
And I failed

I am not sad; though I failed
It’s after all thoughts of her
May be it is not just thoughts
May be it is she by herself

May be she came invisible
Just to wake me up
From the bed I chose to sleep

Now I am awake
I know she needs someone
Someone to protect her
She knows how to hide
Hide things from everyone

Here now I am
Awake from deep sleep
Just to let her know
That I am there for her
To protect her
As long as I can
And to let her sleep
As long as she can..

So that I too can sleep again!

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