Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stressed out?

There are many times in life when we feel that we are done! You know, really like done with this stuff! May be even with this life!

We might think why did we get into this?

We will wish, really wish we shouldn’t have got into such situations in life.

Nevertheless life is never as we planned it to be or what we expected it to be.

So as one of my old friends told me, ’why don’t we embrace and enjoy the stressful moments? ’. I know, I am sounding awkward here. Still, don't you think it is all about how we see it? Let us just ask ourselves ‘Is it possible to think in a different way?

A story comes to my mind which was shared by Ajit, couple of years back.

There was a lady whose mother was at the hospital. She used to leave office early during lunch hours to get lunch for her mother. Since she was the only child, it was all her responsibility to check and ensure that her mom was in good shape and getting better day by day.

During initial days everything was fine, she was able to manage her office works while helping her mom at the hospital. However, after a period of time, she started feeling bad, she felt irritated at times, and even started asking ‘Why do I need to do all these things? Why is it happening to me?

One day while leaving to hospital she told her colleague, ‘See I need to go and meet my mom, huh…. What to do it has become my duty and I need to finish it

‘You know, you should say, you get to meet your mom’, said her colleague.

'why did you say I get to meet my mom’, she asked

You won’t believe, my mom passed away few weeks back and  I really wish I could get one more chance to meet her’, was the response.

So coming back, maybe we are given a chance to get stressed out and may be it might be one of the best times that we might be having in our life when we look back.

You won’t believe, at these stressful moments we are not realizing that we are given a chance.

All we might need to do is to tell ourselves this - ‘this is a chance where I get to do things, which might not come again? And let me try my best to overcome’.

What you say? Is it not a better way?

PS: When I used to say  'I am forced to do and I don't have a choice' (trust me, completely irritated), Ajit used to correct me - He reminded me to tell myself - 'I get to do' - and not 'I am forced to do'. Thanks to Ajit, I still remember those words.

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