Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunset at Helsinki

The sun was up there when the time showed 8 PM,
The rays of sun were becoming weaker
The cool breeze walked over us
We could hear distant voices of kids

I kept the luggage from Saudi Arabia down
And sat for a while at the Helsinki beach
Watching the nature’s calmness
To regain the strength to get up and travel towards Tallin!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunrise at Frankfurt

It is early in the morning
The sun is still rising up
I stood inside the glass enclosure
Watching the Lufthansa Boeing air crafts
Some landing, some taking off

From Frankfurt
My ears were kept busy with announcement of ’flug numbers’
I walked around the long busy terminals from A to D
I embraced Frankfurt
And welcomed my first sun rays at frankfurt!

Ps: Flight in german is Flug (we will hear it as fluke)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sun rise

I went into isolation
I restricted my thoughts
I restricted my beloved blog readers
I tore away all the strings
I wanted to hide & vanish
I wanted to close all the doors & seal
It was the darkness I embraced

There were arms around me
Which I neither valued nor realized
But when darkness walked in, those arms came visible
It gave me the warmth for a peaceful sleep

Now, I am back,
Again to the real public world
Thrashing all the worldly prejudices
For assuring I am myself
And we are what we are
No matter what happens
It is the element of goodness in us
Which will keep us alive
For watching the next sun rise
From Nature
Today, right now, I am about to commence a journey
A journey to watch a series of sunrise
Each day from each country
For the next fifteen days
And I hope I will get myself back
While I watch those sun rises
From different parts of globe!

Friday, July 08, 2011

An Update

Dear Reader,

You are able to view this post because you are subscribed to my blog. Thanks for the inspiration and support you have provided me. I treasure and value all of them.

After several years of public blogging, I have reached a stage where I feel my writings have gone beyond the limits of public view.

So, I have decided to restrict the reader permission to invited viewers. If in case you are interested in viewing my blog, kindly drop an email to

I might continue blogging on restricted topics and will be posted in this site ( which will be available for public view.

Thanks once again for your support.


PS: When we go through different stages of life, we might change our views. Kindly consider this attempt of mine as a change in view towards my public blogging.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


'Is this life?',I ask myself
The journey continues
Searching for answers
Many people came in life
Many passed through me
Many said bye and never returned
I am alone, I know
Something is haunting me
I don’t know what it is
For I am living
Searching for answers!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


My eyes are closing
Eye lids are becoming heavy
I tried and tried and tried again
To open my eye lids
But I couldn’t
So I opened my mind’s door
To see what is in there
I saw a light tower
I welcomed the light as my travel guide
A guide who doesn’t speak
A guide who will show me the way
Way towards the sea shore
For I dream of going around the world!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I write about things
All bad and worst things
But inside my heart
I wish for all good things

I paint pictures
Pictures which deliver pain to the viewers
I colour them to relax myself
While I paint, I don’t corrupt my thoughts
I pour it out from my heart
Without any dilution
Though it is painful

Once I am finished
I look at it
I realize what I have painted
I might feel bad about it
I might wonder ‘why I painted this picture?’
May be this is me
And this is my way to do things
I will say 'good bye' to painting
once it is finished
And I will never look back
I can't carry hurt in my journey
I have a long way to go
To reach my destiny
During my walk
I wish for all the good things in life
I dream about a beautiful tomorrow
I wish everyone to be healthy
I wish everyone to be happy
For I am an optimist!

Monday, July 04, 2011


Buki is alone
Buki needed no one
Buki had a surgery
Buki is recovering from the pain
I wished Buki to recover fast
I wanted Buki to be happy!

Buki had many friends
Buki is beautiful and nice
Buki had a heart
Buki had everything

May be I will not meet Buki
May be I will meet Buki
May be Buki will become my friend
May be Buki will show me way
May be Buki is one among million

May Buki be happy
May god keep Buki safe
May god protect Buki!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Exit from Virtual world

I am in virtual world
I don’t know the reality
For I am a voice
One among the many voices she heard
She hurt me with a dagger
She put that deep inside me
She pushed it deeper with a smile on her face
I was mesmerized with her voice, her tone
I never noticed what is real
For I am in virtual world
And she had fun making me a fool
who trusted her voice!

She was lucky
Lucky to have many voices
And she kept all those voices around her
One for the advice
One for the sweet talk
One for the chit chat
Alas, I don't know where I fitted in!

All those wounds she endowed me got healed
The nature treated me with care
It brought other souls close to me
Those souls consoled me
They gave me warmth and care
For me to sleep
And I am grateful to those souls
who were with me in real world
taking care of each bit of me

I used to think of her
Her in cheerful mood
Living a happy life
Let her feel solace
Let happiness shower up on her
She did things what she needed
She wanted to he happy for the moment
Let her be the happiest on earth

She wanted to say sorry
For her to feel relaxed
I have no pain left on me
And I confirmed that to her
'Sorry is meaningless between you and me
You be happy and let us forget the past', I said!

Now, again I am getting into a trap
A trap of virtual world
For I know this is not real
I know this is not going to last
It is eating me alive like a cancer
I feel the pain deep inside
I tried removing those tissues
Those cancerous tissues which had benign tumor
I got traumatized
I got bleeding
I am yet to recover
Yet it is spreading all over me
I want an exit
An exit from here, the virtual world
For I want to be in real world
From Thiruvannamalai
Can any saviors rescue me ?
From this world of virtual beings
Can someone help me climb the stairs of life
For I am tired and lost
For I need some water to quench my thirst
And a shelter to sleep!

Friday, July 01, 2011


I don’t want to leave
I don’t want to miss
I want to be here
Though I am alone & lonely
From Kanyakumari
I walked, I ran, I shouted
None heard me
None echoed me
Yet, I want to be here
Watching the sun rise
Feeling the early rays
Washing away my past
While the universe wake up
Standing near the shore
What a view it is from here!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why did it happen?

I heard some noise
Knock Knock Knock
I opened the door
I sensed some movement
I entered the room
But there was none
I might be mistaken,I told myself
I wanted to close the door
I wanted to go out
But something pulled me in
I walked across
I checked the bed
The sheets were used!
I felt weird
I felt curious
I heard a whisper
I looked back & I saw!

I froze
I just froze from toes to head
I lost my breath
I died that moment
It pierced through me!
For I couldn't move
Was it love?
Was it lust?
Why why why?
Why did it happen?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


'I am fed up
I am bored
I can’t handle this any more
I have started hating you
I don’t want you to be near me
Can you stop touching me?
Can you let me sleep?', she said to him

He went to the other side of the bed
And tried to sleep asking himself
'Why on earth did I marry?'
He stared at the stars through the window
Wondering about the colourful dreams
He painted on his heart
when he met her!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Story of Flower

It held its head high
Gentle wind caressed it
Sun light gave a gorgeous look
For any girl who walked across
Wanted to have it
Everyone stared at it
Everyone admired it
Yet none could think of acquiring it
None had the courage to touch it
For it was that beautiful
To see in the plant
It became evening
Sun went to hide in its den
Moon came up in the sky
White light showered up on it
The light rain droplets gave it a nice bath
For it became fresh again
Again in the mid of night
Alas! None was there to take care of it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Quiet Mind

I wished to quiet my mind
I tried to close the doors to my senses
I struggled not to hear or feel
I tried, tried and tried again

I pulled in blankness
I tied it inside my mind
For blankness kept troubling me
A pain of push and pull
I wanted relief
I wanted to feel better
For I lit a candle inside me
It brought light to my blank mind
I kept watching that candle
Through my mind’s eyes
I saw the candle melting away
There was no wind
There was no rain
I felt the warmth of light
The warmth of heat
From the candle inside my mind
Let it burn
Let it bring brightness
Let the brightness wash away
All my darkness
And bring in the light
For me to see what I am!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The pain came by walking
I saw from a distance
I wanted to avoid
But it came along with pleasure
I welcomed pleasure and enjoyed its sweetness
Now the sweetness has vanished
Leaving the pain behind
I wonder when pain gained claws
The sharp curved claws
Why is it holding me?
Why is it getting deeper?
Shouldn’t pain move on & leave me behind?

I got used to pain
For I am not feeling pain anymore
I entered a painless state
A state where I am weightless
And I floated in air like a cotton!
Now no claws can arrest me
No breeze can own me
For I am a cotton flying up in the sky
Going along with wind
Wherever it takes me to !

True self

Can we be true?
True to our-self?
Do we know our real face?
Do we have a real face?
When did we start putting on masks?
Who acted upon us to create our masks?
We didn't limit our-self to have just one mask,
We created a variety of them,
A partner mask, a family mask, a social mask,
The list is endless..

Can we blame the circumstance or surroundings?
Should we even blame?
Or are these masks our destiny?
If we stare at our own naked soul
What will it be?
Will it be what we are now?
Or will we be still searching?
Searching for the 'real us' in within our own soul?
Even our own soul doesn’t identify or own us ?

What have we become?
What did we achieve?
Did we live our life?
Is this living?
We are not real anymore
We lost us within us!
I yearn to get it back
I long to get it back
For I want to hold it, embrace it
And treasure it forever
For I am not me anymore
I lost myself without my knowledge!
Am I the only one?
Or are there any others?
Who are searching for their true self?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just for Once

Your magic surprised me
Your silly jokes made me laugh
Your smile made my day bright
Your voice kept me alive
You told me stories
Your stories transformed me
You vanished in thin air
Silence is eating me alive
My soul is passing away
My body is becoming remorse
Can I hear your voice?
Just for once?

Monday, June 20, 2011


She was banned
From being in touch
Her contact book was found & erased
She was given warnings
Not to contact him anymore
She remained silent
She tried to find her own happiness
Now years later she felt an urge
To find his status
'Will he be happy to talk to me?', she asked herself
She searched in the internet
To find his pages
She tried to find his online status
She peeped to read what he writes
She felt satisfied with it
But she never contacted him
She had become a visitor who sees things from a distance
Will she contact him?
Will she share a smile with him?
Ah, what can she expect more from him?
She took everything he had
Though it happened years before
He is now left with nothing
For her to take away from him!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


It happened without any control
Inhibitions couldn’t stand against them
They got involved
No boundaries could stand between them
They broke the walls built over years
It only took few moments
They were swept away by the moment
One among the moments of pleasures in life

An Employee

You need to please
Please your manager first
Then your manager’s manager
And then your regional head
And then the country head

For all those people are going to decide your fate
Fate within a company
For you are just an employee

We are just some laborers of corporate world
Who is one among the sanctioned head counts
For we are just a 'head count'
We will wait for the day when we elevate
Quelling this bureaucracy
Proving that we are worth living as an employee!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I am flying
I see all the colors
Clouds waved their hands
Birds gave me company
Sun came rising up
It showered me with light
I flew above the deep blue sea
I passed the mountains & valleys
I reached a cliff
My wings became heavy
I wanted to rest
I sat there at the cliff
Watching the world below
I closed my eyes for a moment
I felt her presence
Her magic smile washed away my pain
I forgot my existence!
I waited there for her
She never came
I longed to hear her voice
Alas! She moved on in life
Leaving me at the edge of a cliff!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I started walking
I fell down many times
I ran to prove I can walk,
Now I can't walk anymore
I can only run
I am not a super man
I am just a normal being,
Who tried to prove himself
When I tried to run many people cheered me

Now I want to fly
Is there anyone who can cheer me?
Is there anyone watching me?
Am I still alive?
I feel numb
I have many dreams
Most of it is orphan
All it has is just me
But I treasure it
As if it is mine and mine alone
Is there anyone who can claim its parenthood?
Is this planet called earth?
Or am I in some other planet?
All I know is I am still a baby
Trying to walk and dreaming to fly!


I walked without looking back
I heard her footsteps
I sensed her presence

Without knowing her
I got accustomed to her existence
I traveled many places
I thought I am never alone
Now, when I look back
She is not there anymore
Where did she vanish?
Was it just a dream?
Or is it reality?
Alas! I dont even know her real face!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friend - A blessing!

I met one of my degree classmates today night
Several years passed by, yet we maintain the contact,
We talk very rarely
Even if we talk, it is  like ‘hi how are you?’
But when I meet him, it is something special
He offers me dinner
Dinner with all dishes
It is as if we are one of the best friends,
So close to each other
Though, he remains unknown to me
He takes care of me
As if im his special guest
Though we talk once in a blue moon!

Whether we realize it or not
Years pass by like moments
Years later, all we see would be those moments
Moments that we had with our friends
Knowingly or unknowingly, we are lucky to have them
Those people who touch our souls
Who are happy to make us happy
Who are happy to see us happy
"Happiness is a decision,
We need to take it!"
As one of my classmate’s signature says
And for that, we need our friends around us!

PS: Many thanks to you Aneesh Mathew! I would never forget the dinner sessions with you!! And you Nahas Pareekutty, your email signatures will remind us again and again!! 
 I'm thankful to you both, whether you realize it or not!

Friday, June 10, 2011

An Interesting Story

Flashback: Story starts with an occasion when a meeting happens between a guy and a girl. From then on, they are in touch with each other. They both discussed their background, way of life, dreams, passions, work, family - well each and every personal thing. Slowly, they became very close to each other and the bond between them grew.

For every story there should be a twist to make it interesting. This story is no different. After several years, a new twist came in when a new character entered the scene as the husband of the girl!

Ah now, the guy got shock of his life! :-) Well, who won’t? Incidentally, the gal stopped communication & vanished when this husband character came into play. It was very hard for the guy to believe that this gal was married for years.

Then, we were taken to a scene where the guy looking back at past:- He remembering the days when she shared ideas on her concept of ideal husband, becoming independent from her parents, reaching out to her own world and all those. She informing him the reason of not being able to talk to him at night as her mother sleeps in her room. She introducing her brother’s kids...

Now, all of a sudden, the guy is given to understand that this gal is married. The husband character mentions that he is truly and deeply upset about this relation she had with him! And those kids were her kids and not her brother’s!

Till now, we heard the flashback of the story let us get into the present scene.  Post this incident, the guy refrained from contacting her and she also never tried reaching him.

Days, weeks, months and years passed...

Present: The camera shows the guy sitting at his desk beside the window. He was lost in thoughts about this girl, thinking why she has not even called him once? He thought about those happy moments he had, hearing her voice, her jokes, her laughs! Then the sound of a new email alert woke him up from his thoughts. He opened his inbox and saw the following message with sender's name as anonymous.

It’s just that my hands are tied & lips are sealed. I know how hurt you are & I can feel the pain...I didn’t mean to hurt you & I’m not saying this to defend myself...I take the sole responsibility of the hurt caused to you…

I’m scared to explain...But would really want to explain coz I know the pain of losing/hurting a true friend.

The story ends with the scene of guy reading this message!

How do you think, the guy should be responding?

Should he say, ‘hey thanks for your message. I understand you are scared and so please don’t explain’. Or Should he say, ‘After all, I am still your friend. So tell me, let me listen. I can lend my ears for hearing your part of the story’ Or should the scene be that he is lost in thoughts? Again, this email message came from an anonymous sender with no reply address!

Maybe this girl might have felt so lonely in life 
May be she wanted to have a friend & so she kept contact.
May be she might have thought, if the guy comes to know about married status, he will say good bye?
Maybe she would have reasons of her own
May be this is just a guy's version of the story!

I leave the decision to the reader..

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Today, A Special Day!

Yesterday night around 12 AM I got call wishing me my birthday wishes. So today is supposed to be the special day, the day I was born years before, well I should be saying 'several' years before :-)

I still remember my last birthday, when Prasad woke me up in the morning asked me whether my birthday resolution is going to be to grow hairs !! lol! - An year gone by without noticing, I have lost more hairs :-) and now Prasad has gone back to India.

'Wish List'- Do I have a wish list? - Of course yes, I wish
1. To travel around the world
2. To become an author
3. To become an employer
4. To create wealth
5. To help the needy

May be I will have to think differently and work differently to achieve all the above said wishes! May it be this year, when I will be capable to start working towards achieving these wishes.

'Pardon me'- I would like to say this to each one of you whom I have created pain knowingly or unknowingly! Being an emotional being, I might have gone through situations where I couldn't have controlled myself and jumped into conclusions and judgements. When I think back, last year there were several occasions where I felt like asking ask myself, 'Why did I do this?' Again, I know there is no point in saying this now, still for my own peace, for all those whom I have created distress, 'all of you kindly pardon me'

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEAR BHARAT ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..." - This came in the form of an email wish from a friend.

I wish myself a Happy Birthday. Last year in my blog post, I started with the Robert Frost's famous poem & this year, let me end this post with the same poem, it echoes in my ears and reminds me to move on..

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep..’

'A note of Thanks' - Thank you all.. Thanks for remembering me and for your wishes! Honour is mine to have you all around!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Lakeshore view

I sat there at the lake side view park
I heard the chirping of birds in the background
The cool breeze swept across me
The morning sun rays played hide and seek through the trees  
I then saw two swans

The swans were together
They made sounds and noises
In no time, I saw them swimming away
Away from each other
They went till the lake corner
Once they reached the corner, they were different
They turned around and swam back faster
Faster to get close with the other one
When they got back together,they swam in circles
It appeared as if they were like a couple
A couple, playing with each other
And enjoying the sun rise!

Monday, June 06, 2011


I see it’s beauty
I love to have it
I want to experience it
I want to taste every bit of it
It will make me feel worth living
It might not be what I need
But it is what I want
It is a dream
I embrace its existence within me
But I never noticed it's danger
Danger which lies within the dream
It might kill me
It might break my heart
Still, I want to follow it
And dedicate the pursuit of dream to my soul!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Why we miss them?

We meet many people
It can be in real life or it can be in the world of internet
For those in real life, we phone them, we talk to them, we meet them
For those in internet world, we won’t even know their real names
All we know would be their chat names or chat ids
We interact with those strangers
We chat with them without prejudice or bias
As days goes by, we become virtual friends
At times we keep in touch on a regular basis through messages or mails
And when we don’t see them on chat or get email response, we miss them

Why do we miss them?
For they are just virtual beings
Who carries neither an identity nor an address
For we cannot even hear their voice
Yet, we miss them, why?

For whom?

I hear voices
Voices inside me
I slow down my breath
I close my eyes
I concentrate, I listen
And I write what I am being told
Told by someone within me

For whom do I write? I ask myself
Is there someone listening to me?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are you scared?

Do you share things with your close ones?
You might have given them pain or misery
Yet, they are the ones who will forgive you
Life moves on and so does time
In no time you will be in your 70's or 80's
And when you look back
All you see will be those moments you spent being with them!

Tomorrow, who knows what state they will be in?
If you want to hear voice, pick the phone & say 'hi',
If you want to say 'miss you', message them,
Dont delay, dont shy away, dont be scared
Past is gone and future is waiting
So, why are you  scared of reaching out to them?
After all, they are the ones close to you & your heart
No matter what happens!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rohan & Ria

I heard their ‘helloooo’ couple of times
It was all through the telephone
It happened many years before
It was nice to listen to Rohan’s voice
His laughing, crying, yelling sound
He was so small

Now, things changed a lot
Time just passed away
Both of them has grown up
Now, they both fight with each other
It goes as worse at times,
But the fight vanishes in no time
And they will be together again
Again for the next silly fight!

The way Rohan gives that look
The cute smiling face of Ria
Wow, it is something worth watching
And thus life moves on
Waiting for none!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What if

What if you were born to be my lover?
What if you were born for me and I am for you?
What if we both are best friends forever?
What if we both are made for each other?
What if you love me madly, truly, passionately?
What if I am in love with you?

PS: What a powerful word what if is!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A friend whom i never met

It was a coincidence
I happened to be in a chat room
It started with a hi
I doubted whether it was real
Then I heard my mobile ringing
I heard the voice
I felt real

We had conversations
We discussed
We debated
Topics of chat went all over
Starting from life, issues on life, personal life, chit chats
It was never ending
It was better to have a friend
A friend with whom you can share anything

We never met in real
We never spent time together in real
Still I miss this friend
A friend who had the 'magic'
The magic to turn things around
To change the moods
And to bring a smile in seconds

Months back I got a mail
It had a surprise
I wondered why

May be this is how real life is
None can question ’why this happened
Instead learn to accept
Learn to see all the good things
And feel nice about it in the end!
Experience is real
Though it is past!

Monday, May 16, 2011


It happened few years back
I landed Doha for the first time
I spent couple of hours in transit
I thought about the one from Doha
I contemplated on why I met, why I was in touch
And why we lost the contacts
I wondered how life moved on

Now years later, I am in Doha again
The warm fresh air
The evening sun rays
The long ques in duty free
The crowded airport
Everything welcomed me
I missed the moments
The moments I had with the one from Doha

Doha has changed
So did me and the other one!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Everything is for good

When we were born, we couldn’t walk
When we started walking, we fell down many times
We got hurt, we felt the pain
Yet we tried again,
We learnt to walk and then to run

Great people challenged the culture
They disrupted the common man’s thought
They proved the impossible to be possible
They injected ideas and thoughts
They were unstoppable
Their infection spread across generations to come
They changed the world
All because of a belief
A belief that spread positive spirits
‘Everything happens around us is for good’!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How could I?

I was full with lust
I became obsessed with flesh
I wanted variety, so I went on search
I walked through different lanes
I knocked different doors
On my way, I met several types
Each one of them were different
In looks, in shape & in figure
I wanted to feel & I wanted to taste
I bargained for their body & time
I felt hungry and I wanted to quench
I told them to move as I wish
To give me more pleasure
A pleasure which lasted split seconds
I felt exhausted
I became tired 
And I went to sleep

I don’t know when or where this got started
It was somewhere during my journey of life
Now I am at a junction
I ask myself a lot of questions
And one among them is 'How could I?'

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walk it off

Are you feeling bad?
Are you feeling lonely?
Are you feeling sad?

Well, go for a short walk.
It can be in the morning 
It can be in the evening
Walk in the park
Walk on the sea shore
Walk on the roadside
Watching everyone
Everyone around us
Who all are busy
While we are just what we are
Trying to be what we are
By walking it off!!

What is your story?

Every one of us has to have a story. We all live our life thinking that we have classmates, colleagues, friends, parents, soul mates.

Well, do you know your best friend’s story?
Do you know your soul mate’s story?
Do you know your parents story?
Are we really a part of it?
I wish I could know the story of  you

May be it might take a whole night
May be it might take a whole life
But I am curious 
Curious to know the complete you
Yes, I am thinking of your story while you are reading this!

Friday, April 15, 2011

How do you know?

When will we realize that this is exactly what we should be doing with our life?

We are a part of rat race in this world and we would have given focus to a job which will help us earn money for paying the bills. We might also be good at what we are doing and happy about it as well.

Nevertheless, do you feel that you were born for doing this job?
Do you know whether you are on the right track towards realizing your real passion? To realize & to do things for which you were born for?

I always used to think I am ‘passionate’ about science, arts and anything new that keeps me learning. Lately, I realized that ‘passion’ was not the right word, rather ‘infatuation’ would have been better fit.

As a person I am curious about anything and everything - I try it when I feel curious. Once the curiosity is over, I just leave it behind and move on to the next subject. At times I see myself as a kid who is fascinated about the greenery in the other side!

Are there more people like me out in the world? Or is it just me? :-)

How do we know that we are passionate about something and we are equally best at it?

Will we ever feel that we are born for this and doing this ONLY? Will such an 'awakening' happen in real life?  

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Is it possible to visualize what we are going to do in mind before we actually do it?  Take for example, can a dancer visualize her dancing in the auditorium with a huge crowd applauding for them ? (I mean, before the dance event happens in real).

I have always heard about the power of visualizing. If you want or if you wish to have something, start dreaming about the moment - the moment you might have it in your hand.

It can be object, it can be a dream place, it can be a dream position, well it can be anything that you want to have.

Trust me; I never know whether it works with people. Don’t tell me that you love a person and that person is not loving you back and you can’t even dream of that person coming back to you :-)

I think it might be rather a fantasy than a dream to have the perfect moment in life.

Well, it is always good to dream. I love dreaming!

We need to learn and practice visualizing; may be it might bring our dreams come true!

Just like I dream of becoming a photographer and a writer :-)  Some day I might become both!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

No Passion

This is something about ‘passion’ & 'love’. Not that I know something about those two words, but I felt like sharing my thoughts here- if you don't mind :-) - Well literally speaking, you can't mind because I am the one who is writing it here and you are the one who is reading it now!

You might love your wife/ husband, you might care her/ him, you might feel the warmth for them, but are you passionate about them?

Are you able to be crazy about her/his ideas, their small talks, their eyes, their body, I mean are you feeling crazy about them as a whole?

The days, months, years pass by and do we get ‘used’ to the person sleeping next to us?

When the kids come in, when our responsibilities & official tensions come in, when we get higher in our career ladder, when we think about the list of our loans & EMI’s - Well then, do we get time to think or be passionate about the other person?

Of course yes, we might have our 'mechanical' physical activities in place and we continue doing it when we are together. But just for a moment close your eyes and think - Was it the same? Could it ever be the same as when it started? Didn't it really change?

The body started showing up the old-age isn't it? When you look in the mirror you feel it, don't  you?

Did you start thinking that we have become matured and we don't need those things any more?

Do you feel like looking them in the eyes when they are in a crowd and then get connected? Just to see that look in her/ his face?

Well, may be passion and marriage doesn’t go together?

Is there true love? Is passion a part of true love?

Friday, March 25, 2011

This is me & Let us dance

Knock knock!!
'Hey come on in,
This is me & my apartment'
(He says to her as he opens the door open
And he walks her through the room)

'See, this is my closet
My reading lamp
These are my books
My television
My bed
My fire place
And this is my record player..'
(he turns the music on...)

'Can you dance to this?
This is me and my set up..'
(he looks at her with arms wide open
She walks closer to him
And they kiss each other..)

And they dance…
She whispers ‘Am i really here?
And he answers ’it’s alright, you are here with me !’
'And this is me, just me
And this is all I have'
he says
'Quiet...Let's dance'
says her

An analysis letter from a reader

I got the following email from a reader of my blog whom I have never met in my life and whom I never know. I felt it is interesting to share it with other readers since it is surprising to know how a reader concludes on details about us from what we write / scribble.

It is as follows - just to remind, I have not edited a bit of it and it is as what I have received in my inbox.

I happen to read you blogs a quick run through rather. 

Here is a couple of my analysis. I may be wrong but my curiosity to analyze you had a stronger hold. So just penning my thoughts

• I think you are person with a capability to write. Your writing has the capability to captivate the reader.

• Very good in doing any job you choose to undertake.

• Most likely during your student days you were not cooped in books, probably involved more in trying out things which were different what other children used to do.

• Likely to be a person who values small things in life.

• Not very ambitious into the corporate life. It is being done more in terms of earning a livelihood.

• Probably there is discrepancy in choosing the profession that is the bestest(not that u are in wrong profession) for you which incorporates lot of travel .Guess ,right profession should have been a media or news correspondent or a journalist.

• The right life partner might not be arranged marriage but rather a love marriage who can match your passion to travel endlessly ,inquisitiveness to know life and explore, loves to take risk(extremely rare in girl) and come out of the comfort zone. Certainly the girl will turn you off if she wines and cries over things.

• Not sure but felt you might like to do something like bird watching or star gazing. Likely to have likeness for wildlife expedition.

• Basically very inquisitive in nature and likes to explore different things like places, cultures, ideas and ideologies.

• May have a inclination to read poetry and classics and more something like Russian .Is Tagore one of your favorites

• Most likely till date you have not come across many people with whom you can hold a conversation that matches your intellectual thoughts and ideas.

• You would like to be surrounded by people who like to challenge you at every step and not just accept what you are saying. Meek and submissive personality turns you off.

• Probably you are still not clear as to what you should be doing to earn your livelihood in the longer run that will also be in lines with deep rooted passion.

• I guess you still need to discover what is your passion.(I mean you are good at lot of things but what is that you are bestest)

This was my analysis .Let me know if it was correct about you. I didn’t mean to be intruder or offender. Sorry if you felt bad.


I am wondering how a reader can analyze this much about a writer! Well, I am sure the reader did spend some time in writing such a long mail to me.

wow, I am impressed :-)  what else can I say!

PS: Thanks to you reader and this post is dedicated for you & I value the time that you have spent in writing this letter to me. :-)

A shoulder to rest

After long day full of million small duties, small talks
Now it is time when the sun is going down
When the light is getting diffused
And darkness is taking over

All she needs is rest
All she needs is a shoulder
A shoulder where she can put her head on

Alas, her works are not over,
The evening works are just getting lined up

She sat there at the door step
Gazing at the road
Dreaming about the day
The day when she will be a free
Free from all the daily chores
When she can just sit idle
Holding his hands
And be with him and none else.

Don’t you see,
See the vivid picture of her?

She is awaiting the moon
She watches moon from her bed
Just before she gets into deep sleep
She feels as if moon showers her with calmness
The white rays of moon
Which comes through her window
And the cool breeze that covers her up
Which cools her off
From all the day's heat she had,
Which aids her to sleep
To gain energy
Energy for the next day!

Love & in love

We all love people who are close to us. Nevertheless being ‘in love’ with someone in life is a different experience altogether.

It is a mode at which we start stepping on to the shoes of other person and starts to see the world through the other person’s eyes. It can even start with the thoughts of, what will he/she being now?, will she / he be thinking about me?, did he /she had food?, will she /he call me ? or do I need to call her/him? .. thoughts are endless.
All the poets, novelists, movie makes, almost everyone glorifies the concept of ‘love’. It is a state of existence when our minds merge into another one. It is when we start to think very differently from what we have been thinking for many years.

It is when the doors will open wide in front of us bringing in the opportunity to learn, improve, think differently and ideate.

It is like you are getting close to a person whom you never knew, who has been born and brought up in a totally different set up, with lots of difference in terms of experience, family background, education, and what not ?

With all those differences, there exists a state of familiar ground. And importantly, it is where we allow ourselves to go through a change. It is when we allow ourselves to transform to a different state altogether.

At the same time it might not be that easy to find that so called ‘right’ person in life. It might not be just anyone. It might be someone who is special. Special enough to understand, assimilate and grasp your ideologies and thoughts and act accordingly.

At times, we might wonder and ask ourselves - how can he/she know this is what I have been thinking? Did I say it aloud for him/ her to hear? How come he/she guessed it ? Wow!! How can he/she be able to do that? Is there any trick to this? We keep wondering.

May be it is nature’s rule to whisper to us what the other person is thinking about :-) , who knows?

Well, we all will live, but are we cherishing those moments?

Get back to your partners if you already have- Walk slow with them, watch them close, spend time with them doing nothing.. I am sure you will find something new, which you might have never noticed.

In our life of rat race, we need to take a break just to be with them.

And for the ones, who are yet to find the ‘right’ ones, just keep your eyes, ears open. May be you might find that person today, may be tomorrow, may be the day after..

So being ‘in love’ is a new state of existence which everyone in this world needs to experience by themselves and ‘loving’ someone is something which we might have already done in one stage or other.

This life is worth living, don't you think so?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a girl

She is so cute and little
Her face is so tender
Her eyes are so small
Could she see the colors?

Her little fingers
Her micro nails
Her nose, eyes, lips, face..
I just love all of her

She moves her hands & legs
She cries for milk
When she cries, I cant hold the pain
I cant resist her cry

She was inside for months
I couldn't wait for her to come
Now she came 
And I am so excited

I can't sleep
I can't sit
I just feel like jumping
I am all excited

I just want to watch her
Watch her breath, sleep, move,
She just made my life worth living

I would give anything on earth
For the moments I can spent with her

Alas, she will grow up
She will become ready
Ready to fly away
To places where I might not reach.

But, I wont mind anything now
All I need now is to be with her
I just want to cherish the moments
The present moments I get with her!

PS: It's all a dream

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Scorpion Story

This is a story about a frog and a scorpion - I read this in some book few years back.

The frog saw one scorpion getting drowned into a river. The scorpion was yelling top of its voice saying ‘help me, help me’. 'If I come out and help you will sting me, so I wont' told the frog to scorpion

The scorpion said, ‘No way, do you really think I will stab someone who will save my life?’ The frog got convinced with that statement and went out to save the scorpion.

The frog asked scorpion to sit on its back and started moving towards the shore of the river. The scorpion thanked the frog and started praising good things about frog’s heart. Frog felt really happy that it saved one life.

When the scorpion was just about to touch the land it stung the frog. The venom from sting got into frog’s body and frog went through severe pain.

Why did you do this to me after I have saved your life?’, frog asked scorpion.

‘I am sorry, it is my nature to sting and I can’t resist it’, was the answer.

May be there are many frogs and scorpions among us. We just need to watch out for who is who?

And may be there are few rules in nature which wont change!

PS: I remembered this story when I finished reading this story.

Sand wind

I was opening my main door
And for a split second
I wished not to exist
I wanted to exit away from mundane daily activities

My heart longed to run away
To a place where life hides its face


I was still there with the door half opened
I couldn’t open my eyes
It was bright & there was light

I saw the white warm wind forming an aura
It was just 8 in the morning and it was warm already

The small sand grains of Saudi Arabia swept all over me
Offering me a free bath from head till toe

The wind came all the way from far away desert up till my door step
Just to bless me early in the morning
I felt purified;
Purified by the arabian sand wind

My day just started..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something about money!

I have not been able to write. It has been really a very different time for me over the last couple of weeks.

You won’t really realize how life moves on when you leave office at 4 in the morning and be back again at 11 - very same day.

I have always been behind money – In fact, I still feel I am behind money. However, these days I am realizing the irony of it.

When I didn’t have money I always used to wonder about things that I could have bought, how different life would have been if I had money, what kind of places I could have seen around the globe, etc.

Now, I don’t have time to do anything!!

You wont believe, I can’t even plan for a proper vacation! Any new customer can send me a request for proposal and ask for a response the very next day. How will you respond if you are on vacation? How will you meet your quarterly targets? How will you get your incentives? The list is long

‘You love materials than people around you!’, I was told. Now I realize how true it was.

When we have life we long for money and when we get money we long for getting life back!

Yet, why am I craving for more money? And still dreaming about the day when I will have a bag full of money to explore the world !

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