Friday, January 14, 2011


Guy: ‘I am feeling for you’
Gal: ‘Well try controlling your thoughts; you know reality and illusions are different’

Guy: ‘Yes I know but still. I am unable to manage my thoughts’
Gal: ‘You need to concentrate on your work and you need to keep your feeling for me aside’
Guy: ‘Should be keeping it aside?’
Gal: ‘Till you finish your work your feelings needs to be aside’
Guy: ‘I should take off and get away from the way I interacted with you? I feel was very childish?’
Gal: ’bygones are bygones.. You are not only childish but endearingly childish. So stop all this stupidity and complete the work’

Guy said to himself, ‘was that all stupid? Was I that stupid?’

Guy:  ‘Can I talk to you?’
Gal: ‘My voice is seductive and so I don’t want you to talk to me’
Guy: ‘Should keep the feelings for you aside? I am thinking should I even have feelings for you?’
Gal: ‘Please keep things aside and start working. I am really busy I have lots of things to do’
Guy:’ Oh sorry to hold you back, you may leave’
Gal: ‘Try to finish your work. Once your work is done I will try to answer your question’

how fast time passed? Present became bygone so quick? Initially it was like wild fire but now? A heavy rain came along the way and cooled it down all of a sudden? Change is inevitable!‘, he murmured to himself.

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