Thursday, January 27, 2011

Falling Down

I was up in the highest floor
I walked up to the roof top
I started walking

Then I jumped, I ran in the parapet

I was wild
I wanted the risk
I wanted to show off
I needed proof
That I can do anything
I wanted to be limitless
Then came those moments
I felt the flow of air
I realized I was falling down
The air froze for moment
My heart stopped
I couldn’t breath
I felt the light pain
Everything happened in a fraction of moment
I saw myself down in the ground
I felt nothing
I never moved
Was I born for this?


Raajii said...

Sigh. I wonder.

But at least you were pushed down.

saya said...

Nice one .:) So it tells us always there is a limit for everything. But liked the way it has been penned down :)

bharat chandran said...

Hi Raaji, Thank you.. in fact yes.. i think I was pushed down..

Thanks Saya..

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