Friday, January 14, 2011

A Kid's idea of farming

One day a kid in the village decided to plant a tree. After roaming around the place near his house he found a tapioca stem. He decided that he will plant the tapioca and start his first step towards farming. He ploughed a small field and put the fertilizers and planted one tapioca stem. Every day he watered it well. 

After few days one day morning, his mother saw him taking out the tapioca stem and looking at its roots and planting it back again. She asked 'Why did you take the stem out ?'. 

The kid answered, ‘I don’t see any roots you know? Every day I pull out the stem to see the roots, but what to do I feel this farming is no good!

PS:Recently I got an email from Serbia (a subscriber of my blog) suggesting me to write about humor for a change. So this is my first trail on writing joke! A real true story! :-) . Now come on.. give a smile at least.. :-) And thank you .. thanks for your email 'hello...Serbia Calling'

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Ves said...

Good it very much!You made me laugh and happy !

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