Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Little Sunshine

My little girl played outside in the ground
I saw her from distance
I could see her cute little face
She giggled, she ran
She made the noise
She spread the spirits.
She had a magic

Magic which worked on everyone
Her pranks made them laugh
She had her pretty looks
At times she acted shy and silly

Few teased her
Few praised her
Few pitied her
For she had none
She is so little to realize it, I thought

I want to buy her clothes
I want to see her happy
I can’t resist but walk towards her
To take her in my arms
To keep her close to my heart

I wish I could go near her
And hold her small little hands
And take her in my arms

Then she saw  me
And she came running towards me

She held my fingers and pulled my hands
And she wanted me to run with her
I told her ' I am tired, I cant run'

'What is there in your hands?' , She asked
'Nothing', I said, hiding it away
For she caught me and took it
'Ice cream is tasty'
I could see her eyes glow
The ice cream was all over her cheeks and chin
For she was immersed in ice cream!
The ice cream got over soon

'Can you give me your pen?'
She made me bent down on my knees
So she could reach my pocket
She just wanted the pen
She took it and started playing with it

I sat idle, watching her expressions
For she ran away from me

After a while she came running towards me

And embraced me
As if she forgot and then remembered me
She kissed me on my cheeks
And then gave me her sweet smile

I wish, I could melt away that moment
I wish, I could pass out
The moment when I saw her happy
Being with me!


Anonymous said...

I want to be at least your little girl
Who will get a chance to be a little princess
My desire to be your little princess
Hope, sheltering me in a bubble
Keeping me little
I am in a dream land
I am in a fantasy world

restless said...

Hi! first time on ur blog and impressed by ur sensitivity.

the little poem is really sweeeet like the little girl u described.

esp liked the last 4 lines.


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