Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nothing to talk about

It can happen at any time. It may be due to our mood swings. It can be when we meet a stranger who has no interest on us or it can be when we are with our loved ones.

‘I have nothing to talk about' and it is going to offend the other person for sure. Well, you know it, you would have felt the pain many times when you were eager to talk and other person just ignored without even giving you a chance to talk.

We might maintain silence without even thinking about the other person’s state of mind. And we keep silent  because we feel that the other person might not understand us and we think that it might be better not to share or discuss.

Whatever might be the reason, small statements like ‘I have nothing to speak about’, ‘ let us talk later’, ‘let us leave it now’, etc keeps the other person confused and upset - assuming they are sensitive beings :-) 

Most of us need to learn how to respect other person’s freedom. It is so true that we all want to be a part of other person's life and because of it we will feel the ‘want’ or ‘right’ to know what is happening in their life.
When we see them moody, we will start asking questions and when they won’t open up we will start a fight or argument.

'I feel you are away from me',  ' Why don't you tell me what is going on?', ' I feel you are keeping secrets', the list is endless.

Each argument or questions leave us with more discomfort. Rarely it might also happen that we will feel bad about the other person being upset because of our silence and we end up sharing what is troubling us.

In real life though it is not easy to keep a distance and yet be close, but might be worth a try.

Don't you think so?


saya said...

Well that was so true. But I feel every person needs his/her own space. So when we understand that and stop shooting questions at the other person it may be better. But again there is a limit for the own space also. It so Shouldn't happen that we are gonna loose the other person :)

bharat chandran said...

Yes Saya, we all need our own space. But at times we neither are able to share moments with them nor able to have our own space.

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