Friday, January 07, 2011

Russian Lady

I came to Bahrain for the weekend for enjoying or rather partying for the New Year (in a way belated new year). Incidentally, I met a Russian lady in here. Her name, oh sorry, I don’t remember. But I clearly remember her story.

When she told me her story I saw tears on her eyes in real. Believe me or not, this is a true story where I am just blindly writing it without editing or modifying.

Her real name, as I told you, I don’t remember but she said her Bahrain name is ‘Kareena’. May be she opted a name which everyone can pronounce?

She is from a city by the name of ‘vladikavkaz’ in Russia. She has been to many countries before she reached here in Bahrain. There is a long list of countries which includes Sri Lanka, Dubai, Turkey, etc.

She got married at the age of 17, when she was even unaware of what she wants or what she was. She was asked by her mother to marry the guy who was chosen from the family. Her husband  married her only because his father asked him to do so.

She was left alone in solitude even after her marriage; when her husband used to go and meet his girlfriend. When she asked him for a reason why he was meeting his girlfriend, he gave her a reason that his father wanted him to marry her for the sake of marriage and so he married her. Now, since he has done his duty of marrying the lady picked by his family, he had every right to meet any girl he wanted to and he wanted to be with his girlfriend for his happiness.

She asked me a question – ‘How can you sleep with a girl when you love someone else?’ Trust me; I don’t have an answer to this question.

She informed me that she is a divorcee now and she is looking for a husband. She is a normal human having dreams of having kids, having a family & a husband. Still, she says among the men she has seen for the last couple of years, it is really hard to find one person who is trustable.

There were incidents where the guy changed his religion to marry her. But she needed time; time to think and decide whether he was the right guy. Unfortunately, the guy never gave her time. He kept on calling every day to check her status. She said she felt irritated. More than irritation, she wanted to be extra sure of one more marriage, about being with another person. But, the guy was not patient enough to give her enough time to think. And finally, he got married to a different lady!

She is still in search of a person who respects her for what she is – not because of her beauty, not because of her voice, not because of her looks, but because of what she is. Someone who will respect her, someone who will appreciate her for her purity in heart, purity in her soul!

It is so rare to find such a soul, though we have millions & trillions of human across the world.

From the bottom of my heart I wish her a happy life
May she get married to the right soul
Who will value her for what she is
Than her beauty, than her body
Though she is beautiful
Though her eyes carry the essence of life
May be she met many men
May be she has known many souls
Yet, she is searching
Searching for her soul mate
I wish her as a human;
May her soul get what she needs & what she dreams
May she be the happiest person on earth
Who will spread the happiness around?
Who will give things away?
For the ones who are close
Close to her heart
May this world still prevail!
Where the heart wins over the body
Where the soul brings in peace over the emotions!


Anonymous said...

‘How can you sleep with a girl when you love someone else?’

If you really love no one in this world it is possible!!!!!!!!!!

Why didn't you ask her what is love???

Anonymous said...

Someone can love people without even seeing them. Just by hearing the other person's sweet voice.

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