Thursday, January 06, 2011

She sneaks on me

She pays me visit 
But in silence
I can hear her foot steps

Though I can’t see her

Her face was veiled

And I know she is good at it

I am myself
But she changed

For reasons known only to her

I went to bed and tried to sleep
And then she came at mid night

Shouldn’t she be with him?
Shouldn’t she be sleeping?

Why is she here?

She never wanted to wake me up
She preferred things to be under her control

I could sense her
Air of her aura woke me up

She was here for sure

Does she know I know this?
Does she know I can feel her?

Why is she silent?

Only she knows the answer
And there should be a reason!

She might be protecting
Or she might be pretending

I know she was here
And she need to know, I know it!
Though she tried sneaking!


saya said...

I was totally engrossed in the lines and made me feel real.. Nice work :)

bharat chandran said...

Thanks Sandhya...

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