Friday, March 25, 2011

An analysis letter from a reader

I got the following email from a reader of my blog whom I have never met in my life and whom I never know. I felt it is interesting to share it with other readers since it is surprising to know how a reader concludes on details about us from what we write / scribble.

It is as follows - just to remind, I have not edited a bit of it and it is as what I have received in my inbox.

I happen to read you blogs a quick run through rather. 

Here is a couple of my analysis. I may be wrong but my curiosity to analyze you had a stronger hold. So just penning my thoughts

• I think you are person with a capability to write. Your writing has the capability to captivate the reader.

• Very good in doing any job you choose to undertake.

• Most likely during your student days you were not cooped in books, probably involved more in trying out things which were different what other children used to do.

• Likely to be a person who values small things in life.

• Not very ambitious into the corporate life. It is being done more in terms of earning a livelihood.

• Probably there is discrepancy in choosing the profession that is the bestest(not that u are in wrong profession) for you which incorporates lot of travel .Guess ,right profession should have been a media or news correspondent or a journalist.

• The right life partner might not be arranged marriage but rather a love marriage who can match your passion to travel endlessly ,inquisitiveness to know life and explore, loves to take risk(extremely rare in girl) and come out of the comfort zone. Certainly the girl will turn you off if she wines and cries over things.

• Not sure but felt you might like to do something like bird watching or star gazing. Likely to have likeness for wildlife expedition.

• Basically very inquisitive in nature and likes to explore different things like places, cultures, ideas and ideologies.

• May have a inclination to read poetry and classics and more something like Russian .Is Tagore one of your favorites

• Most likely till date you have not come across many people with whom you can hold a conversation that matches your intellectual thoughts and ideas.

• You would like to be surrounded by people who like to challenge you at every step and not just accept what you are saying. Meek and submissive personality turns you off.

• Probably you are still not clear as to what you should be doing to earn your livelihood in the longer run that will also be in lines with deep rooted passion.

• I guess you still need to discover what is your passion.(I mean you are good at lot of things but what is that you are bestest)

This was my analysis .Let me know if it was correct about you. I didn’t mean to be intruder or offender. Sorry if you felt bad.


I am wondering how a reader can analyze this much about a writer! Well, I am sure the reader did spend some time in writing such a long mail to me.

wow, I am impressed :-)  what else can I say!

PS: Thanks to you reader and this post is dedicated for you & I value the time that you have spent in writing this letter to me. :-)


saya said...

Waho this looks crazy but this is true... I know how it feels when an unknown person spills the beans about you..

Btw how much of it is you??

And a kudos for your secret admirer.:)

bharat chandran said...

Saya, In fact I also wondered how come a reader can write this much.. I felt honoured to the reader.. :-)

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