Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a girl

She is so cute and little
Her face is so tender
Her eyes are so small
Could she see the colors?

Her little fingers
Her micro nails
Her nose, eyes, lips, face..
I just love all of her

She moves her hands & legs
She cries for milk
When she cries, I cant hold the pain
I cant resist her cry

She was inside for months
I couldn't wait for her to come
Now she came 
And I am so excited

I can't sleep
I can't sit
I just feel like jumping
I am all excited

I just want to watch her
Watch her breath, sleep, move,
She just made my life worth living

I would give anything on earth
For the moments I can spent with her

Alas, she will grow up
She will become ready
Ready to fly away
To places where I might not reach.

But, I wont mind anything now
All I need now is to be with her
I just want to cherish the moments
The present moments I get with her!

PS: It's all a dream


Raajii said...

aww... she is soo adorable! :-)

restless said...

cute pic! and nice dream :)

Kids do change our life, in a better way that is.

bharat chandran said...

Thanks Raaji..

Thank you Restless..Yes, kids to touch our lives and do their magic.. :-)

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