Friday, March 25, 2011

Love & in love

We all love people who are close to us. Nevertheless being ‘in love’ with someone in life is a different experience altogether.

It is a mode at which we start stepping on to the shoes of other person and starts to see the world through the other person’s eyes. It can even start with the thoughts of, what will he/she being now?, will she / he be thinking about me?, did he /she had food?, will she /he call me ? or do I need to call her/him? .. thoughts are endless.
All the poets, novelists, movie makes, almost everyone glorifies the concept of ‘love’. It is a state of existence when our minds merge into another one. It is when we start to think very differently from what we have been thinking for many years.

It is when the doors will open wide in front of us bringing in the opportunity to learn, improve, think differently and ideate.

It is like you are getting close to a person whom you never knew, who has been born and brought up in a totally different set up, with lots of difference in terms of experience, family background, education, and what not ?

With all those differences, there exists a state of familiar ground. And importantly, it is where we allow ourselves to go through a change. It is when we allow ourselves to transform to a different state altogether.

At the same time it might not be that easy to find that so called ‘right’ person in life. It might not be just anyone. It might be someone who is special. Special enough to understand, assimilate and grasp your ideologies and thoughts and act accordingly.

At times, we might wonder and ask ourselves - how can he/she know this is what I have been thinking? Did I say it aloud for him/ her to hear? How come he/she guessed it ? Wow!! How can he/she be able to do that? Is there any trick to this? We keep wondering.

May be it is nature’s rule to whisper to us what the other person is thinking about :-) , who knows?

Well, we all will live, but are we cherishing those moments?

Get back to your partners if you already have- Walk slow with them, watch them close, spend time with them doing nothing.. I am sure you will find something new, which you might have never noticed.

In our life of rat race, we need to take a break just to be with them.

And for the ones, who are yet to find the ‘right’ ones, just keep your eyes, ears open. May be you might find that person today, may be tomorrow, may be the day after..

So being ‘in love’ is a new state of existence which everyone in this world needs to experience by themselves and ‘loving’ someone is something which we might have already done in one stage or other.

This life is worth living, don't you think so?


restless said...

I would say, it's worth living if u have experienced love, at least once in ur life... very thought provoking post.

bharat chandran said...

Yes Restless, it is worth living to experience things.. :-)

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