Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sand wind

I was opening my main door
And for a split second
I wished not to exist
I wanted to exit away from mundane daily activities

My heart longed to run away
To a place where life hides its face


I was still there with the door half opened
I couldn’t open my eyes
It was bright & there was light

I saw the white warm wind forming an aura
It was just 8 in the morning and it was warm already

The small sand grains of Saudi Arabia swept all over me
Offering me a free bath from head till toe

The wind came all the way from far away desert up till my door step
Just to bless me early in the morning
I felt purified;
Purified by the arabian sand wind

My day just started..


saya said...

Wow it would be so commoving if our day started this way. U made me feel the Arabian sand taking over me sitting near my comp with your poem.
That one there was a good piece :)

Btw I am back too with few posts. Check it out on my blog :)

bharat chandran said...

Thank you Saya..

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