Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Scorpion Story

This is a story about a frog and a scorpion - I read this in some book few years back.

The frog saw one scorpion getting drowned into a river. The scorpion was yelling top of its voice saying ‘help me, help me’. 'If I come out and help you will sting me, so I wont' told the frog to scorpion

The scorpion said, ‘No way, do you really think I will stab someone who will save my life?’ The frog got convinced with that statement and went out to save the scorpion.

The frog asked scorpion to sit on its back and started moving towards the shore of the river. The scorpion thanked the frog and started praising good things about frog’s heart. Frog felt really happy that it saved one life.

When the scorpion was just about to touch the land it stung the frog. The venom from sting got into frog’s body and frog went through severe pain.

Why did you do this to me after I have saved your life?’, frog asked scorpion.

‘I am sorry, it is my nature to sting and I can’t resist it’, was the answer.

May be there are many frogs and scorpions among us. We just need to watch out for who is who?

And may be there are few rules in nature which wont change!

PS: I remembered this story when I finished reading this story.

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