Friday, March 25, 2011

A shoulder to rest

After long day full of million small duties, small talks
Now it is time when the sun is going down
When the light is getting diffused
And darkness is taking over

All she needs is rest
All she needs is a shoulder
A shoulder where she can put her head on

Alas, her works are not over,
The evening works are just getting lined up

She sat there at the door step
Gazing at the road
Dreaming about the day
The day when she will be a free
Free from all the daily chores
When she can just sit idle
Holding his hands
And be with him and none else.

Don’t you see,
See the vivid picture of her?

She is awaiting the moon
She watches moon from her bed
Just before she gets into deep sleep
She feels as if moon showers her with calmness
The white rays of moon
Which comes through her window
And the cool breeze that covers her up
Which cools her off
From all the day's heat she had,
Which aids her to sleep
To gain energy
Energy for the next day!


restless said...

You captured the mood and thoughts of working women, it seems :)

bharat chandran said...

Thank you Restless..

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