Friday, March 25, 2011

This is me & Let us dance

Knock knock!!
'Hey come on in,
This is me & my apartment'
(He says to her as he opens the door open
And he walks her through the room)

'See, this is my closet
My reading lamp
These are my books
My television
My bed
My fire place
And this is my record player..'
(he turns the music on...)

'Can you dance to this?
This is me and my set up..'
(he looks at her with arms wide open
She walks closer to him
And they kiss each other..)

And they dance…
She whispers ‘Am i really here?
And he answers ’it’s alright, you are here with me !’
'And this is me, just me
And this is all I have'
he says
'Quiet...Let's dance'
says her


Raajii said...

Aww cute :-)

saya said...

Wonderful, feels heavenly... Music does wonders on our minds :) Happy dancing ^_^

bharat chandran said...

Thanks Raaji..

Thanks Saya...

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