Saturday, April 23, 2011

How could I?

I was full with lust
I became obsessed with flesh
I wanted variety, so I went on search
I walked through different lanes
I knocked different doors
On my way, I met several types
Each one of them were different
In looks, in shape & in figure
I wanted to feel & I wanted to taste
I bargained for their body & time
I felt hungry and I wanted to quench
I told them to move as I wish
To give me more pleasure
A pleasure which lasted split seconds
I felt exhausted
I became tired 
And I went to sleep

I don’t know when or where this got started
It was somewhere during my journey of life
Now I am at a junction
I ask myself a lot of questions
And one among them is 'How could I?'

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walk it off

Are you feeling bad?
Are you feeling lonely?
Are you feeling sad?

Well, go for a short walk.
It can be in the morning 
It can be in the evening
Walk in the park
Walk on the sea shore
Walk on the roadside
Watching everyone
Everyone around us
Who all are busy
While we are just what we are
Trying to be what we are
By walking it off!!

What is your story?

Every one of us has to have a story. We all live our life thinking that we have classmates, colleagues, friends, parents, soul mates.

Well, do you know your best friend’s story?
Do you know your soul mate’s story?
Do you know your parents story?
Are we really a part of it?
I wish I could know the story of  you

May be it might take a whole night
May be it might take a whole life
But I am curious 
Curious to know the complete you
Yes, I am thinking of your story while you are reading this!

Friday, April 15, 2011

How do you know?

When will we realize that this is exactly what we should be doing with our life?

We are a part of rat race in this world and we would have given focus to a job which will help us earn money for paying the bills. We might also be good at what we are doing and happy about it as well.

Nevertheless, do you feel that you were born for doing this job?
Do you know whether you are on the right track towards realizing your real passion? To realize & to do things for which you were born for?

I always used to think I am ‘passionate’ about science, arts and anything new that keeps me learning. Lately, I realized that ‘passion’ was not the right word, rather ‘infatuation’ would have been better fit.

As a person I am curious about anything and everything - I try it when I feel curious. Once the curiosity is over, I just leave it behind and move on to the next subject. At times I see myself as a kid who is fascinated about the greenery in the other side!

Are there more people like me out in the world? Or is it just me? :-)

How do we know that we are passionate about something and we are equally best at it?

Will we ever feel that we are born for this and doing this ONLY? Will such an 'awakening' happen in real life?  

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Is it possible to visualize what we are going to do in mind before we actually do it?  Take for example, can a dancer visualize her dancing in the auditorium with a huge crowd applauding for them ? (I mean, before the dance event happens in real).

I have always heard about the power of visualizing. If you want or if you wish to have something, start dreaming about the moment - the moment you might have it in your hand.

It can be object, it can be a dream place, it can be a dream position, well it can be anything that you want to have.

Trust me; I never know whether it works with people. Don’t tell me that you love a person and that person is not loving you back and you can’t even dream of that person coming back to you :-)

I think it might be rather a fantasy than a dream to have the perfect moment in life.

Well, it is always good to dream. I love dreaming!

We need to learn and practice visualizing; may be it might bring our dreams come true!

Just like I dream of becoming a photographer and a writer :-)  Some day I might become both!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

No Passion

This is something about ‘passion’ & 'love’. Not that I know something about those two words, but I felt like sharing my thoughts here- if you don't mind :-) - Well literally speaking, you can't mind because I am the one who is writing it here and you are the one who is reading it now!

You might love your wife/ husband, you might care her/ him, you might feel the warmth for them, but are you passionate about them?

Are you able to be crazy about her/his ideas, their small talks, their eyes, their body, I mean are you feeling crazy about them as a whole?

The days, months, years pass by and do we get ‘used’ to the person sleeping next to us?

When the kids come in, when our responsibilities & official tensions come in, when we get higher in our career ladder, when we think about the list of our loans & EMI’s - Well then, do we get time to think or be passionate about the other person?

Of course yes, we might have our 'mechanical' physical activities in place and we continue doing it when we are together. But just for a moment close your eyes and think - Was it the same? Could it ever be the same as when it started? Didn't it really change?

The body started showing up the old-age isn't it? When you look in the mirror you feel it, don't  you?

Did you start thinking that we have become matured and we don't need those things any more?

Do you feel like looking them in the eyes when they are in a crowd and then get connected? Just to see that look in her/ his face?

Well, may be passion and marriage doesn’t go together?

Is there true love? Is passion a part of true love?

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