Friday, April 15, 2011

How do you know?

When will we realize that this is exactly what we should be doing with our life?

We are a part of rat race in this world and we would have given focus to a job which will help us earn money for paying the bills. We might also be good at what we are doing and happy about it as well.

Nevertheless, do you feel that you were born for doing this job?
Do you know whether you are on the right track towards realizing your real passion? To realize & to do things for which you were born for?

I always used to think I am ‘passionate’ about science, arts and anything new that keeps me learning. Lately, I realized that ‘passion’ was not the right word, rather ‘infatuation’ would have been better fit.

As a person I am curious about anything and everything - I try it when I feel curious. Once the curiosity is over, I just leave it behind and move on to the next subject. At times I see myself as a kid who is fascinated about the greenery in the other side!

Are there more people like me out in the world? Or is it just me? :-)

How do we know that we are passionate about something and we are equally best at it?

Will we ever feel that we are born for this and doing this ONLY? Will such an 'awakening' happen in real life?  


Raajii said...

I have asked this question so many times but I have come to realize that it is not about the plan, it is about trial and error. you have to experiment, and try, and see what works. And be ok with it.

bharat chandran said...

Hi Raaji, Thanks for your visit. In fact I also feel that it can never be planned.. it just happens.. :-)

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