Thursday, April 14, 2011


Is it possible to visualize what we are going to do in mind before we actually do it?  Take for example, can a dancer visualize her dancing in the auditorium with a huge crowd applauding for them ? (I mean, before the dance event happens in real).

I have always heard about the power of visualizing. If you want or if you wish to have something, start dreaming about the moment - the moment you might have it in your hand.

It can be object, it can be a dream place, it can be a dream position, well it can be anything that you want to have.

Trust me; I never know whether it works with people. Don’t tell me that you love a person and that person is not loving you back and you can’t even dream of that person coming back to you :-)

I think it might be rather a fantasy than a dream to have the perfect moment in life.

Well, it is always good to dream. I love dreaming!

We need to learn and practice visualizing; may be it might bring our dreams come true!

Just like I dream of becoming a photographer and a writer :-)  Some day I might become both!


Vaish said...

Well said Bharat..
To me it is to visualise what you aspire rather than dream. Because dreams are sometimes crappy and impossible and full of whims and fansies (atleast for me!)
But for us to achieve that, we have to continue visualise, and put extra effort towards it!!

Ves said...

Dreams,fantasies and visualizations are different.
Visualisation is creative work on psihomental level to improve our personal develompent,both material and emotional,mental and spiritual.
Its on us to choose what we need to do.

bharat chandran said...

Thanks Anu.. You are right at times it is required to visualise and see than just dreaming...

Ves, yes you are right.. Dreams, fantasies and visualizations are all different..

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