Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are you scared?

Do you share things with your close ones?
You might have given them pain or misery
Yet, they are the ones who will forgive you
Life moves on and so does time
In no time you will be in your 70's or 80's
And when you look back
All you see will be those moments you spent being with them!

Tomorrow, who knows what state they will be in?
If you want to hear voice, pick the phone & say 'hi',
If you want to say 'miss you', message them,
Dont delay, dont shy away, dont be scared
Past is gone and future is waiting
So, why are you  scared of reaching out to them?
After all, they are the ones close to you & your heart
No matter what happens!


Ms.Nobody said...

To answer the question, yes I am scared. Some time back, I would have nodded as I read your poem, but then life isnt same always right ? It changes us, our thoughts.It isnt important to communicate our feelings to persons whom we are close or love, right ? They know us, so they can hear our beats too, read our thoughts. We are scared, to lose them.but then, does expression of love always dont work out the way we think to right ?

Ves said...

One of my friends,when his mother died,said to me:"talk to your parents!
I always thought I would have time for that in the future.Suddenly,my mother passed away,and I have lost opportunity to tell how much I love her and all the valuable talks that we could have are lost forever".
Bad behavior,all insults,only parents can forgive and forget.
So,do not be scared...

saya said...

You are so true.. Most of us are always scared to share our feeling thinking what could be the aftermath.. But we never think what would happen If we dont share them and are scared.

Very nicely expressed...

bharat chandran said...

Hi Ves, You are right, we feel the value of people around us when we miss them..

bharat chandran said...

Hi Saya, Many thanks for visiting my blog again..

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