Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A friend whom i never met

It was a coincidence
I happened to be in a chat room
It started with a hi
I doubted whether it was real
Then I heard my mobile ringing
I heard the voice
I felt real

We had conversations
We discussed
We debated
Topics of chat went all over
Starting from life, issues on life, personal life, chit chats
It was never ending
It was better to have a friend
A friend with whom you can share anything

We never met in real
We never spent time together in real
Still I miss this friend
A friend who had the 'magic'
The magic to turn things around
To change the moods
And to bring a smile in seconds

Months back I got a mail
It had a surprise
I wondered why

May be this is how real life is
None can question ’why this happened
Instead learn to accept
Learn to see all the good things
And feel nice about it in the end!
Experience is real
Though it is past!

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