Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I started walking
I fell down many times
I ran to prove I can walk,
Now I can't walk anymore
I can only run
I am not a super man
I am just a normal being,
Who tried to prove himself
When I tried to run many people cheered me

Now I want to fly
Is there anyone who can cheer me?
Is there anyone watching me?
Am I still alive?
I feel numb
I have many dreams
Most of it is orphan
All it has is just me
But I treasure it
As if it is mine and mine alone
Is there anyone who can claim its parenthood?
Is this planet called earth?
Or am I in some other planet?
All I know is I am still a baby
Trying to walk and dreaming to fly!


Ves said...

"Trying to walk and dreaming to fly"
Good,very good!

Jingle said...

love the words that bring forth vivid imagery.

Happy Rally.

Andy said...

Vivid imagery.
Nice ending.

Thanks for sharing.

Henry Clemmons said...

I believe in your talent ... take off and fly. You have skills. Great write.

Anonymous said...

Learning to fly is easier
where the air is clear and thin...
Run, fly, don't fall!
We'll catch you!
Aim high, aim for us all!

bharat chandran said...

Ves, Thank you..

Jingle/ Andy/ Henry, Thanks for visiting my blog for first time and commenting....

"I always aimed high
I always wanted to fly
And I knew all of you will be there
Holding hands for me
To protect me
When I fall, if I ever fall.."
Thanks for your comments..

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