Monday, June 20, 2011


She was banned
From being in touch
Her contact book was found & erased
She was given warnings
Not to contact him anymore
She remained silent
She tried to find her own happiness
Now years later she felt an urge
To find his status
'Will he be happy to talk to me?', she asked herself
She searched in the internet
To find his pages
She tried to find his online status
She peeped to read what he writes
She felt satisfied with it
But she never contacted him
She had become a visitor who sees things from a distance
Will she contact him?
Will she share a smile with him?
Ah, what can she expect more from him?
She took everything he had
Though it happened years before
He is now left with nothing
For her to take away from him!


bendedspoon said...

"She took everything he had..." this is thought provoking :) I enjoyed reading -- who's not checking on somebody nowadays? ;)

The Aspirant said...

well, last lines r really thoughtful.......hw cn ne1 be happy wen everythng's been taken frm him??

a nice nd thoughtful post, mst say vry thoughtful...

Jim Landwehr said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought it was fascinating that someone from India would come across it.

I enjoyed some of your poetry. I am dabbling in that myself lately, though my first love is creative non-fiction (memoir). If you're interested, a great online writing class is held at The facillitator/owner is a great writer and a wonderful teacher.


Note my new domain is:

Anonymous said...

There I've been,
that has been me...
Looking back I can't but see...
what a fool I was - and will certainly be!
But I love your words,
they set my mind free!

Rek said...

So much like me...
time heals all wounds
painful memories linger
to be on the outside looking on inside
a cross only the bearer carries.
Beautiful thoughts...but then on the flip side, you don't always like what we find again.
Thanks for visiting.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Yep. Sadly, many of us have lived this. Very well said in this verse!

Jingle said...

a sad story well told.

she shall move on and enjoy new life.

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant story sadly I think I've been that girl

Lizzie said...

wow..... Loved it. What an amazing way to tell this story. Love your writing. :) (Y)

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