Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friend - A blessing!

I met one of my degree classmates today night
Several years passed by, yet we maintain the contact,
We talk very rarely
Even if we talk, it is  like ‘hi how are you?’
But when I meet him, it is something special
He offers me dinner
Dinner with all dishes
It is as if we are one of the best friends,
So close to each other
Though, he remains unknown to me
He takes care of me
As if im his special guest
Though we talk once in a blue moon!

Whether we realize it or not
Years pass by like moments
Years later, all we see would be those moments
Moments that we had with our friends
Knowingly or unknowingly, we are lucky to have them
Those people who touch our souls
Who are happy to make us happy
Who are happy to see us happy
"Happiness is a decision,
We need to take it!"
As one of my classmate’s signature says
And for that, we need our friends around us!

PS: Many thanks to you Aneesh Mathew! I would never forget the dinner sessions with you!! And you Nahas Pareekutty, your email signatures will remind us again and again!! 
 I'm thankful to you both, whether you realize it or not!


Jingle said...

friends are special,
a heart warming dinner offer adds light to friendship.

bless both you and your friends.
Happy Potluck.

Anonymous said...

This is very sweet I love how friends can reconnect so easily after a long absence

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