Wednesday, June 29, 2011


'I am fed up
I am bored
I can’t handle this any more
I have started hating you
I don’t want you to be near me
Can you stop touching me?
Can you let me sleep?', she said to him

He went to the other side of the bed
And tried to sleep asking himself
'Why on earth did I marry?'
He stared at the stars through the window
Wondering about the colourful dreams
He painted on his heart
when he met her!


Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful, but I can't help wondering what is going on with her... What brought about such hateful, evil words? Is she also wondering what happened to her dreams? As always, you inspire me!

ayala said...

The last four lines had me. What colorful dreams did he paint of her? Is it that loves is blind and we always see them in a better light when we are madly inlove....

Claudia said...

ugh..ok...this is when dreams crash...but why did they crash so hard...maybe he should ask himself some questions..? it's very seldom only one person's fault...just saying...

Brian Miller said...

evocative and painful piece...raw with emotion that is all too real...ugh...not a good place to be in a relationship

Umesh Rao said...

Wonderful poetry.
But wondering how painful it would be..
Thanks for sharing

Reflections said...

Wonderfully captured and shared... tough emotions to work through.

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