Friday, June 17, 2011


I am flying
I see all the colors
Clouds waved their hands
Birds gave me company
Sun came rising up
It showered me with light
I flew above the deep blue sea
I passed the mountains & valleys
I reached a cliff
My wings became heavy
I wanted to rest
I sat there at the cliff
Watching the world below
I closed my eyes for a moment
I felt her presence
Her magic smile washed away my pain
I forgot my existence!
I waited there for her
She never came
I longed to hear her voice
Alas! She moved on in life
Leaving me at the edge of a cliff!


Anonymous said...

This might be rude, crude and insulting
but I don't want to be! I loved the poem
until you mixed in the 'her' who didn't want to be,
involved with the freedom of your thought,
Away, away my lonely thought,
It flew to some other land...
Just when I thought I had me in your hand...

bharat chandran said...

Thanks for the "rude, crude and insult!" :-) nice creation you made ..

Anonymous said...

I think the title suits the poem perfectly how many times have we felt we found the one and everything seemed so perfect only to find we were living a lie

Ves said...

Birds are associated with absolute freedom.
But,you can be free and love someone.
This poem is about that,I think.


aynsley7 said...

I loved this! It felt so free and so sad at the same time. I am sorry she left you hanging.

Anonymous said...

So sad -and easily able to relate to - I particularly enjoyed the mood change when you introduced "her"

bendedspoon said...

This is a beautiful write! I was carried away -- good that he didn't get past the cliff ;) I believe he will fly again... :)

Lena said...

It had depth as well as beauty. You captured the essense of human hurt here. Fabulous write and even the word verification agrees with me, as it came up 'goodie'....!!

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

cool poem. Well written.

Vinod Narayan said...

How many souls are daily left alone on the cliffs I wonder. Well written :)

the feeling lioness said...

very interesting

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