Friday, June 10, 2011

An Interesting Story

Flashback: Story starts with an occasion when a meeting happens between a guy and a girl. From then on, they are in touch with each other. They both discussed their background, way of life, dreams, passions, work, family - well each and every personal thing. Slowly, they became very close to each other and the bond between them grew.

For every story there should be a twist to make it interesting. This story is no different. After several years, a new twist came in when a new character entered the scene as the husband of the girl!

Ah now, the guy got shock of his life! :-) Well, who won’t? Incidentally, the gal stopped communication & vanished when this husband character came into play. It was very hard for the guy to believe that this gal was married for years.

Then, we were taken to a scene where the guy looking back at past:- He remembering the days when she shared ideas on her concept of ideal husband, becoming independent from her parents, reaching out to her own world and all those. She informing him the reason of not being able to talk to him at night as her mother sleeps in her room. She introducing her brother’s kids...

Now, all of a sudden, the guy is given to understand that this gal is married. The husband character mentions that he is truly and deeply upset about this relation she had with him! And those kids were her kids and not her brother’s!

Till now, we heard the flashback of the story let us get into the present scene.  Post this incident, the guy refrained from contacting her and she also never tried reaching him.

Days, weeks, months and years passed...

Present: The camera shows the guy sitting at his desk beside the window. He was lost in thoughts about this girl, thinking why she has not even called him once? He thought about those happy moments he had, hearing her voice, her jokes, her laughs! Then the sound of a new email alert woke him up from his thoughts. He opened his inbox and saw the following message with sender's name as anonymous.

It’s just that my hands are tied & lips are sealed. I know how hurt you are & I can feel the pain...I didn’t mean to hurt you & I’m not saying this to defend myself...I take the sole responsibility of the hurt caused to you…

I’m scared to explain...But would really want to explain coz I know the pain of losing/hurting a true friend.

The story ends with the scene of guy reading this message!

How do you think, the guy should be responding?

Should he say, ‘hey thanks for your message. I understand you are scared and so please don’t explain’. Or Should he say, ‘After all, I am still your friend. So tell me, let me listen. I can lend my ears for hearing your part of the story’ Or should the scene be that he is lost in thoughts? Again, this email message came from an anonymous sender with no reply address!

Maybe this girl might have felt so lonely in life 
May be she wanted to have a friend & so she kept contact.
May be she might have thought, if the guy comes to know about married status, he will say good bye?
Maybe she would have reasons of her own
May be this is just a guy's version of the story!

I leave the decision to the reader..


Ves said...

I have mom in the room next to mine.Wait...let me check,it might be my husband!
I dont like people who lie for any reason,especially for so long,hurt the others and then say I'm sorry.
Just hope she is a good mom to 'her brothers' kids...what scenario she created!

bharat chandran said...

Ves, Well, life is like that is what I feel. Truth is at times stranger than fiction!! :-)

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