Monday, June 27, 2011

Quiet Mind

I wished to quiet my mind
I tried to close the doors to my senses
I struggled not to hear or feel
I tried, tried and tried again

I pulled in blankness
I tied it inside my mind
For blankness kept troubling me
A pain of push and pull
I wanted relief
I wanted to feel better
For I lit a candle inside me
It brought light to my blank mind
I kept watching that candle
Through my mind’s eyes
I saw the candle melting away
There was no wind
There was no rain
I felt the warmth of light
The warmth of heat
From the candle inside my mind
Let it burn
Let it bring brightness
Let the brightness wash away
All my darkness
And bring in the light
For me to see what I am!


Reflections said...

Touching...illusionary yet hopeful. Definitely like it!

Jingle said...

welcome and happy potluck.

Anonymous said...

I love this! its so brilliant. keep it up!


the feeling lioness said...

seems so soft, positive, touching and real

Anonymous said...

Lovely. You must actually be practising meditation. . Liked reading this.:-) said...

You must be a meditator. Loved reading this.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and serene I really love the first line of the second stanza

Ves said...

Is it possible to achieve?

Today,on the street I felt a smell from my early childhood,when i was really happy and carefree.That smell came out of nowhere and shook my all body and mind.
Maybe,it was a candle with childhood memories and that calmed my soul and mind.
It helped to drive away all other thoughts and to remember who I am.

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