Saturday, June 25, 2011

True self

Can we be true?
True to our-self?
Do we know our real face?
Do we have a real face?
When did we start putting on masks?
Who acted upon us to create our masks?
We didn't limit our-self to have just one mask,
We created a variety of them,
A partner mask, a family mask, a social mask,
The list is endless..

Can we blame the circumstance or surroundings?
Should we even blame?
Or are these masks our destiny?
If we stare at our own naked soul
What will it be?
Will it be what we are now?
Or will we be still searching?
Searching for the 'real us' in within our own soul?
Even our own soul doesn’t identify or own us ?

What have we become?
What did we achieve?
Did we live our life?
Is this living?
We are not real anymore
We lost us within us!
I yearn to get it back
I long to get it back
For I want to hold it, embrace it
And treasure it forever
For I am not me anymore
I lost myself without my knowledge!
Am I the only one?
Or are there any others?
Who are searching for their true self?


Dakshi said...


Anonymous said...

This I truly love
both photo and words above
the question is real
the feelings I feel.
Once again you're put words(and an image as well)
to what's in my soul - things I just can't tell.

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