Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why did it happen?

I heard some noise
Knock Knock Knock
I opened the door
I sensed some movement
I entered the room
But there was none
I might be mistaken,I told myself
I wanted to close the door
I wanted to go out
But something pulled me in
I walked across
I checked the bed
The sheets were used!
I felt weird
I felt curious
I heard a whisper
I looked back & I saw!

I froze
I just froze from toes to head
I lost my breath
I died that moment
It pierced through me!
For I couldn't move
Was it love?
Was it lust?
Why why why?
Why did it happen?


Anonymous said...

Have you never heard?
Curiosity killed the cat...
Don't open doors that beckon,
you're smarter - you know that!
But I know the lure of the unknown so well
and I sense you're like me there,
I can tell... *smile*
Just be careful of doors that don't quite shut
the other side might just hurt you a lot.

Nadira said...

ccchampagne has put it interestingly. May be before you enter a room which beckons with promises of happiness, you need to shut the door quite firmly so as not to let wandering ghosts creep in.(I guess each of us are getting carried away with your poem and going on our own trip:-)

Ves said...

ccchampagne & Nadira. - nothing to add!

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