Saturday, June 04, 2011

Why we miss them?

We meet many people
It can be in real life or it can be in the world of internet
For those in real life, we phone them, we talk to them, we meet them
For those in internet world, we won’t even know their real names
All we know would be their chat names or chat ids
We interact with those strangers
We chat with them without prejudice or bias
As days goes by, we become virtual friends
At times we keep in touch on a regular basis through messages or mails
And when we don’t see them on chat or get email response, we miss them

Why do we miss them?
For they are just virtual beings
Who carries neither an identity nor an address
For we cannot even hear their voice
Yet, we miss them, why?


Ves said...

No being is virtually.Inspite we dont see each other,or chat every day,we fell each other.That emotions becomes our necessity.
Why do I always have a need to give an answer?

bharat chandran said...

Ves, I agree.. In our current world inspite of being away from each other we can be in touch with the other person.. And thanks for all your answers.. I in fact needed all those :)

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