Saturday, July 02, 2011

Exit from Virtual world

I am in virtual world
I don’t know the reality
For I am a voice
One among the many voices she heard
She hurt me with a dagger
She put that deep inside me
She pushed it deeper with a smile on her face
I was mesmerized with her voice, her tone
I never noticed what is real
For I am in virtual world
And she had fun making me a fool
who trusted her voice!

She was lucky
Lucky to have many voices
And she kept all those voices around her
One for the advice
One for the sweet talk
One for the chit chat
Alas, I don't know where I fitted in!

All those wounds she endowed me got healed
The nature treated me with care
It brought other souls close to me
Those souls consoled me
They gave me warmth and care
For me to sleep
And I am grateful to those souls
who were with me in real world
taking care of each bit of me

I used to think of her
Her in cheerful mood
Living a happy life
Let her feel solace
Let happiness shower up on her
She did things what she needed
She wanted to he happy for the moment
Let her be the happiest on earth

She wanted to say sorry
For her to feel relaxed
I have no pain left on me
And I confirmed that to her
'Sorry is meaningless between you and me
You be happy and let us forget the past', I said!

Now, again I am getting into a trap
A trap of virtual world
For I know this is not real
I know this is not going to last
It is eating me alive like a cancer
I feel the pain deep inside
I tried removing those tissues
Those cancerous tissues which had benign tumor
I got traumatized
I got bleeding
I am yet to recover
Yet it is spreading all over me
I want an exit
An exit from here, the virtual world
For I want to be in real world
From Thiruvannamalai
Can any saviors rescue me ?
From this world of virtual beings
Can someone help me climb the stairs of life
For I am tired and lost
For I need some water to quench my thirst
And a shelter to sleep!


Anonymous said...

I really love the ending, very strong and visceral. It is so easy to get swallowed up in technology, to forsake the mundane for reverie, I know I spent most of my day locked inside my own mind. Powerful piece

Jingle said...

rich and powerful thoughts.
Glad to see you in.

Happy Rally.

poetryroad said...

Very powerful and moving portrayal of sadness and despair. The sadness in having the feeling of drowning while you are not even in water...really great work!

Jingle said...

welcome in...

very profound piece.

an escape would make a world difference when things get touchy.

bless you, keep writing.

Kay said...

Oh, my dear, you have written an excellent piece filled with heartfelt reality. So many can relate to the pain of being trapped inside a box, searching for the solace that is right outside your door. I certainly hope you find your bit of blue sky! Blessings, dost!

Kay said...

You have definitely written a wonderful piece that so many can relate to who are struggling inside a box searching for the solace that is just outside their door. I certainly hope you find your bit of blue sky! Thank you, dost!

Anonymous said...

Nice soul-searching poem about the obsession with technology the current generation is facing:)

Camille said...

deep, with a strong spiritual tone.

thanks for sharing :)

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