Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I write about things
All bad and worst things
But inside my heart
I wish for all good things

I paint pictures
Pictures which deliver pain to the viewers
I colour them to relax myself
While I paint, I don’t corrupt my thoughts
I pour it out from my heart
Without any dilution
Though it is painful

Once I am finished
I look at it
I realize what I have painted
I might feel bad about it
I might wonder ‘why I painted this picture?’
May be this is me
And this is my way to do things
I will say 'good bye' to painting
once it is finished
And I will never look back
I can't carry hurt in my journey
I have a long way to go
To reach my destiny
During my walk
I wish for all the good things in life
I dream about a beautiful tomorrow
I wish everyone to be healthy
I wish everyone to be happy
For I am an optimist!

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