Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sun rise

I went into isolation
I restricted my thoughts
I restricted my beloved blog readers
I tore away all the strings
I wanted to hide & vanish
I wanted to close all the doors & seal
It was the darkness I embraced

There were arms around me
Which I neither valued nor realized
But when darkness walked in, those arms came visible
It gave me the warmth for a peaceful sleep

Now, I am back,
Again to the real public world
Thrashing all the worldly prejudices
For assuring I am myself
And we are what we are
No matter what happens
It is the element of goodness in us
Which will keep us alive
For watching the next sun rise
From Nature
Today, right now, I am about to commence a journey
A journey to watch a series of sunrise
Each day from each country
For the next fifteen days
And I hope I will get myself back
While I watch those sun rises
From different parts of globe!



..glad you found your way back here.. re-righting yourself before the sunrise... Good luck on the journey!


ayala said...

Welcome back and I hope your journey brings you peace.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see you back here again!!! Did I dream it or are you coming to my part of the world on your journey too? In any case, have fun!

urban butterfly said...

wow...that's amazing.

morning sunrise is one of my favorite moments. there is nothing more beautiful and humbling than to watch the sun rise, or the sun set, over the ocean. i love that.

the ocean reminds me of how small I am and it brings me peace.

enjoy your journey :)

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