Friday, May 25, 2012

In Love

I ask 'why' to myself
And I try finding an answer
When I answer, I add ‘may be’
Now, 'why' & 'may be' became my world
They have become a part of me

As time progressed,
My list of questions kept increasing
And my list of answers kept decreasing
After all these years of my life
I realize, I have fallen in love

From Single
In love with my curious mind
In love with the questioning mind
In love with my thinking mind
Regardless of the answers
I love them unconditionally
For my thinking, questioning mind has become a part of me!

And I ask myself,
How can I not fall in love?
For who is there to love thy mind & its questions?


We look for comfort
Comfort at every nook and corner in life
We assume we are normal
Though we know we are unique
We lead a life which ‘appears’ to be normal
Though we like to cross the boundaries
And go beyond the social status quo

From 1 Apr 2007 Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary
In this busy world we live in
We need to create a space
Where we refill our soul
And regain our strength
No matter whether we are alone
Or with someone in life!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What am I looking for?

I keep looking around
Around the world I see
I try to go away
I try to hide
I try to put a mask
And I try to close my eyes
Just to dream about a world
Where I can get what I wish for
Where I can be what I want to be
Now I opened my eyes
And looked around
From Macro
I realize I am where I am
And I have a long way to go
To be where I wish to be
Again, I remind myself
Everything is just momentary!
Though, I long for the moments!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I want to quit
I wish to quit
I long to quit
But I compromise
I see the positive side
I look for the spark
And the sparking moments ignites my soul
Though I feel I should quit
I am human
And I am alive

I am learning how to quit
While living within the four walls of darkness
I continue my search for the light!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Awards matter?

I got lucky to be a part of 3 Solitaire awards in my organization. Honestly it is all about the team work.
I remember the days
When I was sleepless
When I used to wake up in the mid night
Thinking about the families who might get affected
For those who will need to get their sister’s marriage done,
For those will need to clear their loans
Who will get a pay hike, if we win a deal!
It is all about winning,
Yet it is all about the hard work
It is all about the sleepless nights
It is all about the dreams
It is all about our sweat
We all will get to understand the meaning of the word
The word ‘deserve’ which has lots of meaning
Which we learn to know what it is..

From Thiruvannamalai
Life is long and we learn how to live it
Yet these awards boost our morale
It gives us extra energy to work more

‘Woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have miles to go before I sleep
’ – this echoes in my ears.
Thanks to the world and the people who are there with me
I bow in front of all of you!
It is all because of you all…

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Heart and Soul

After a long time… After a very long time I am feeling like writing.
I always used to feel that unless I feel the urge to write there is no point in forcing myself to write for the sake of writing.

I was busy working on a large case for the last couple of months … Well, I am not sure whether it is a right thing to put heart and soul for a project or an activity that you do in office.

I personally got involved emotionally into work.  For this project I was really really really involved. ( please note, I used really three times to stress that I really got involved :-) )

Now coming back, I called my friend Mustansir  and told him that ‘ Mom and baby is doing fine!’ – Now you understand how happy I am – we got the letter of award of the contract- Trust me this project has been like a dream to me, it has been like a baby to me - till we get the contract in hand (or get the baby delivered in hand), we get tensed and go through the labour pain.

Once you write an exam, you go through painful moments - Trust me, it is a different kind of pain. You think again and again and feel that you should have done this differently, you should have worked more harder, you should have done things in right time, etc etc..

The list of work we ‘should’ have done is endless, but again, the time is over and there is no going back..

So today, I feel happy. I just feel happy that I could put my heart and soul to a dream to be a part of the largest petro-chemical plant ever built in this world.. And I hope and I wish and I dream that me being a part of it will change my life…
It is always good to sweat a bit and feel happy when we feel that our sweat was worth…

May be life is all about putting our heart and soul and dreaming about it and going through the pain of sleepless nights to feel happy in the end!!
As someone said, it is not the ‘kill’, but it is the ‘experience of hunt’ that matters…

PS: After all life is short and we need to enjoy each bit of it- whether we succeed on our goal or not.. It is worth experiencing it. Thanks to each one of you for going through my scribbling after such a long time. I personally thank you for spending time in reading this.

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