Friday, May 11, 2012

Awards matter?

I got lucky to be a part of 3 Solitaire awards in my organization. Honestly it is all about the team work.
I remember the days
When I was sleepless
When I used to wake up in the mid night
Thinking about the families who might get affected
For those who will need to get their sister’s marriage done,
For those will need to clear their loans
Who will get a pay hike, if we win a deal!
It is all about winning,
Yet it is all about the hard work
It is all about the sleepless nights
It is all about the dreams
It is all about our sweat
We all will get to understand the meaning of the word
The word ‘deserve’ which has lots of meaning
Which we learn to know what it is..

From Thiruvannamalai
Life is long and we learn how to live it
Yet these awards boost our morale
It gives us extra energy to work more

‘Woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have miles to go before I sleep
’ – this echoes in my ears.
Thanks to the world and the people who are there with me
I bow in front of all of you!
It is all because of you all…

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