Sunday, May 06, 2012

Heart and Soul

After a long time… After a very long time I am feeling like writing.
I always used to feel that unless I feel the urge to write there is no point in forcing myself to write for the sake of writing.

I was busy working on a large case for the last couple of months … Well, I am not sure whether it is a right thing to put heart and soul for a project or an activity that you do in office.

I personally got involved emotionally into work.  For this project I was really really really involved. ( please note, I used really three times to stress that I really got involved :-) )

Now coming back, I called my friend Mustansir  and told him that ‘ Mom and baby is doing fine!’ – Now you understand how happy I am – we got the letter of award of the contract- Trust me this project has been like a dream to me, it has been like a baby to me - till we get the contract in hand (or get the baby delivered in hand), we get tensed and go through the labour pain.

Once you write an exam, you go through painful moments - Trust me, it is a different kind of pain. You think again and again and feel that you should have done this differently, you should have worked more harder, you should have done things in right time, etc etc..

The list of work we ‘should’ have done is endless, but again, the time is over and there is no going back..

So today, I feel happy. I just feel happy that I could put my heart and soul to a dream to be a part of the largest petro-chemical plant ever built in this world.. And I hope and I wish and I dream that me being a part of it will change my life…
It is always good to sweat a bit and feel happy when we feel that our sweat was worth…

May be life is all about putting our heart and soul and dreaming about it and going through the pain of sleepless nights to feel happy in the end!!
As someone said, it is not the ‘kill’, but it is the ‘experience of hunt’ that matters…

PS: After all life is short and we need to enjoy each bit of it- whether we succeed on our goal or not.. It is worth experiencing it. Thanks to each one of you for going through my scribbling after such a long time. I personally thank you for spending time in reading this.

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