Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday

I lost more hairs (as per my friend Prasad Babu) and I got one more year added in my age field as per me :-) So yes, as you might have understood, today is my bday.

The time walks out of your own life so fast no matter whether you enjoy each moment or not.
The change happens no matter whether you bother about it or not.
So enjoy, cherish and feel each moment ... that is all we can do..

I wish
To enjoy each breath better
To become for refined (as a better human being)
To become rich (both in character as well as economically)
To donate to the poor
To sponsor an orphan

Well…. Today .. my birthday is almost over.. The facebook gifted me with a lot of friends who send their messages ..  Thanks to everyone…

I went to watch Prometheus movie with Steve Moss … Well, the movie was good as well. After several years I watched a 3D movie.…

As we grow, we realize that the things that we fancied during our young days are changing. I usually gift myself something on every birthday and on this birthday I couldn’t even find one gift :-)

Somehow, today I felt that it is not always about earning more money, but about having a good life which matters.

Yes, money does matter,but not beyond a point. Having said that my dream to see the world remains and I still dream about a day when I can have a bag full of money to explore the world!!

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