Friday, June 01, 2012

Why marriage?

Days, weeks, months and years are counting. I’m becoming older. Another year is just passing away. I never bothered about getting married; in fact I was always searching for my own eligibility to get into a social institution like marriage. (I wrote this about two years back - Yes, I know, the above said statement might be sounding weird. What to do? That is the fact.

Off lately, I feel something different. I am not sure how well I can express the same by keying in the words here. However, let me give a try to portray my version.

While I have been living all these years, I met several people. Among them, there were many girls/ ladies. Some of them were interesting to me. At times, I used to think that I am something special and so the ladies whom I chose to talk to or spend time with also needs to be special. I mean, special in its own way. When the time passed, I realized that the ‘specialness’ that I carry is nothing but uniqueness.

Well, everyone in this world is unique. So then, it made me conclude that everyone is special!

I am just one among them. When I say one among them, it was more of realizing that I am also a normal human who has crazy concepts and ideals in life which might or might not be practical. To feel great about myself, I used to create visuals, scenarios, dreams around me so that I’m the so called ‘One’, who is so special to attain something which is impossible or undoable for a normal being.

I know the sequence of above words might have made you travel to a very confusing world. Well, that is the kind of world that I live in.

One of my friends told me years before that I complicate simple things and then I try to figure out how to get out of those complications. ‘Why do you create these complications in life?’ I was asked. I never realized nor understood the meaning of that question then.

Now, I stand in a junction where I need to choose a road. The two roads lead to two different ways of life. – I need to choose one.

From Sivanasamudra_Talakkavery_1Nov2009

Which one should I be choosing? The one with a friend or the one alone?

I still don’t believe in the institution of so called marriage. I redefine it in my own way as living together with a friend with all the benefits of it :-) you know what I mean. Come on, that is not the only thing that I meant. Well, I think I need the following

Someone to talk to
Someone to discuss things
Someone to be there to share the food
Someone to give a company while travelling/ driving
Someone who can share the music
Someone who can give company for watching movies – and of course discuss about it afterwards
Someone who can suggest the new ideas in the books
Someone who can inspire
Someone who can help me grow better Someone who don’t mind polishing the rough edges that I have (without my knowledge :-))

The list goes long. In a nut shell, I think I should choose the road with a friend than being a solo traveler.

And if in case I get a person who is also into a similar search, maybe I should get introduced and then tag along!

I think, I will like it when I have a candle light dinner at a sea shore while I the sound of sea waves whisper in my ears, the cool breeze sweep over me, watching the face of other person in that warm light of candle.

PS: I'm writing something after a long break- Not sure why I was not writing all these days, but again I'm glad I could start writing again. It eases my heart and gives me peace !

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