Monday, October 17, 2016

Ann's Smile

Her smile is awesome
It captures my heart
And her eyes
Which captures the attention

It mesmerizes me into a world
Which I have never experienced
It takes me to the heights
And when I look back
She was not even near me

But now since she is gone

It is a missing
The kind of missing that I have not experienced before
It is her smile
It is her eyes
It is her expression

It is just her
Her presence
That I am missing

Which I never thought I would ever miss

This is life
Life with twists

Again I miss her smile
And I miss her presence
I miss her looks and her eyes!

I wish she could be the same
But I know she could never be!

She is my niece Ann..
Ann who captured my heart with a smile!

‘Ambu’ she calls
She says things like ‘yummy’ and ‘yucky’
She is unique
She is genuine
And I feel lucky

Lucky to have her!
Thanks to you Ann!
And may god bless you
And keep your smile always

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Ves said...

New feelings...nice

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